Inspiration Memento II: interact with 5 artists & get your 2018's inspirational art memento

Leyden Gallery, 9 Leyden Street, London

Event location:
Leyden Gallery, 9-9A Leyden Street Whitechapel E1 7LE
When:Event passed!
It was on
Sat 24th Nov 2018

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Where:Leyden Gallery, 9 Leyden Street, London E1 7LE
Map:Map & Nearby
Times:17.00 - 21.00
Admission:Early Bird £3
General Entry £5

About the event

Interact with 5 artists & get YOUR 2018's inspirational art memento


Inspiration Memento II is an immersive, innovative and interactive event, in which you will begin a sparkling art journey with your own experiences, memories, night dreams, art thoughts ... and choose an artist to be your own guide!

You will get your unique inspiration memento from the 25-minute interaction with the artist. It could be a very creative gift, no matter for your family, friends, or yourself, representing the past rich & colourful 2018.

You'll find your idea as well as yourself immersed in the art creation process so naturally. You can also directly buy artworks, watch how the art commission is done and engage in the creative atmosphere as free as you want.



LINGGA links the intangible ideas of the public individuals& businesses with hand-selected artists, to visualise their inspirations into an art piece.


About Leyden Gallery:

Leyden Gallery is a unique art gallery and event space with licensed artBar on the boundaries of The City of London and Spitalfields.

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