Open Film Crew Meeting: Are you a myth-buster? Film on the Age of Plastic

WORLDwrite, 201 Millfields Road, Hackney, London

Picture of Open Film Crew Meeting: Are you a myth-buster? Film on the Age of Plastic

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Tue 16th Apr 2019

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Where:WORLDwrite, 201 Millfields Road, Hackney, London E5 OAE
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Times:19.30 - 21.30

About the event

• Do we even know the history of plastic?
• Can a paper straw save the planet?
• Why is durability a problem?
• Beyond your bag for life, how long would it really take to go food shopping without any plastic at all?
• Could you live a day without interacting with any plastic?
Time for another of WORLDwrite's myth busting documentaries and a scientific truth trip for us all.

Images of oceans of plastic and sea life choked to death by it inundate our plastic screens, often seen through lightweight spectacles and tapped by durable and colourful nails. Why are we so blind to plastic’s benefits to people while the costs to animals invade our nightmares? Why can’t we see that with this ubiquitous material, that makes up everything from the aeroplane engines above our heads to the sewers beneath our feet, that we have created The Age of Plastic?
To kick things off, we have an Open Crew meeting on
Tuesday 16th April at 7.30pm at the WORLDwrite centre, 201 Millfields Road, Hackney E5 OAL

James Heartfield Author of 'Green Capitalism: manufacturing scarcity in an age of abundance' and many more books.
James Woudhuysen Professor of forecasting and innovation, author of 'Energise' and writer and lecturer on British History and politics

Two introductory presentations from these ‘heavy hitters’ who really know their stuff will give us plenty to think about.
Hopefully, this meeting will kick start consideration of the key content and approaches for our next full-length documentary.
This project will not be a rush job and we may need bi-monthly crew meetings with much research, planning and fund-raising before any filming starts. First, we want to consider the shape of the film and what we should cover.

Are you brave enough to help WORLDwrite make this film? We'll all be learning on the job in the great documentary tradition, but we need you here for this meeting, to share ideas, shape plans and to let us know what you'd like to do.

We hope to see you on Tuesday 16th April at 7.30pm. Do let us know by emailing us at

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