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Tue 31st Mar 2020

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Times:10.00 - 22.30

About the event

• New series of free wellness sessions designed to ease your mind, body and soul during self-isolation

• Live guided meditations, art therapy, fitness training, and DJ sessions by industry leading experts

• Geared to improve awareness of mental health in dance music, and help those suffering at this time of heightened anxiety

BELIEVE Tuesdays Mindfulness Festival, originally scheduled for 31st March in London, will go ahead as a free online event, streaming live on Facebook and Instagram.

The event boasts an array of talent and expertise from the worlds of dance music, physical wellbeing and mental health. Headed up by dance music legend Brandon Block the line-up is united by having faced addiction and mental health issues and a desire to help others in the same boat.

The 12 hour long live online broadcast is the first in a brand new set of sober parties and is staged in partnership with electric radio.

From DJ sets and insightful Q&As to guided meditations, nutrition seminars and fitness training the eclectic mix of talent will lead sessions from self-isolation in Ibiza, Bali, Barcelona and London, brightening up Tuesdays, which is traditionally for many, one of the toughest days of the week.

Hosted by MC Chalkie White, the first MC in the UK dance scene, the online event will see him share his incredible story of recovery throughout the day. BELIEVE Tuesdays will feature industry leaders share their raw experiences of overcoming a range of mental health challenges and addictions, aiming to inspire and help others who are facing similar issues.

All sessions are free but donations of £5 are invited to male suicide charity CALM. All wellness sessions are designed to raise awareness of better mental health in dance music and encourage us all to look after our mental wellbeing at this anxiety-inducing time.

Co-founder of BELIEVE Tuesdays, Emily Chapman said “We were devastated when we realised the current COVID-19 situation meant the London event couldn’t go ahead. But we soon realised the BELIEVE Tuesdays event was needed now more than ever and resolved to find a way to make it work. We soon had a plan and hopefully, especially now that it is free, we will reach even more people this way, particularly those who are feeling lonely, anxious, or isolated at this difficult time. In our house we are all equal and no matter what personal struggles you are experiencing, music can unite us, uplift us and make us feel like we are not alone.”

Along with documentary-maker Emily Chapman, BELIEVE Tuesdays is co-created by Kai Cant, brainchild of ABODE, HotBed and The ABODE Project and Anth Lowther founder of Swankys, Rise and Shine and Paravana. Each has had their own personal challenges as a result of the scene and are now on their respective journeys of rediscovery. In setting up the series of sober events, they aim to prove that it is possible to socialise and enjoy dance music without relying on substances or alcohol.

BELIEVE Tuesdays has also partnered with WeAreHummingbird, who provide mental health first-aid training for people to learn how to look out for the signs that friends of family members are struggling.

Kai Cant said “The music industry is historically associated with excess yet there is little direct support available to those affected. Fuelled by drugs and alcohol, the industry has extreme aftereffects particularly for those who party hard at the weekend. Tuesdays are proven to be the day when the comedown and depression hits hardest, hence the term ‘Suicide Tuesdays’. BELIEVE parties will provide an alternative to the substance and drink fuelled weekend parties and festivals with a sober session, launching online for free at a time when many will be struggling with their mental health.”

Ian Hurst, founder of WeAreHummingbird said “Almost a third of young people in the UK are now shunning alcohol wh

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