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The pressure's on...

If you're in a relationship, then this is the day of the year where you're called upon to exhibit just how much you love your other half... and it's apparently necessary to spend lots. According to the marketing boys and girls the amount that you love your partner is directly proportional to how extensively you empty your wallets - a box of Milk Tray and a quick grope just isn't going to cut it.

But it doesn't stop there... if you're not in a relationship, then the news is still just as bad, as this is the day of the year which reminds you just what an odious loser you are as you watch all the smug couples going about their lovey-dovey business as they tuck into the Pizza Express Romeo and Juliette Special. Bleugh. (The sentiment, that is, not the pizza.)

Anyway, wherever you stand on Valentine's Day, here's a bunch of stuff you can do whether you're in a couple or not... and not all of it has to break the bank.

Catch a West End Show...
A night at the theatre is a great thing to do for Valentine's day. How very sophisticated. Even if you are going to watch Avenue Q.
Romantic theatre highlights include: Ghost The Musical, Mamma Mia, Midnight Tango, Phantom of the Opera and Romeo & Juliet
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A Romantic Meal
Candles, plush decor, a great view and backing music that isn't Metallica are all requisites when it comes to finding that perfect venue for a romantic meal out. Take a look at our list of London's Most Romantic Restaurants for a great night out. And if you're looking to save the pennies, then worry not, here's a list of Valentine Dining Special Offers. See all restaurant special offers here >

Romantic London
Fancy something a little bit different? Then see our guide to the most romantic bits of London. From sweeping your date off their feet, to the 'KISS Principle', escaping the city and dare we say it... London's Hatton Garden jewellery district! (I think you know where we're leading with that.)

Single and looking to get romantic? How about a Ball?
Salon La Rue Presents The Masked Valentine's Ball 2012
A magical evening awaits at the Salon La Rue Masked Valentine's Ball 2012.
A beautiful night of music, fun, cabaret, burlesque and entertainment;
where the beauty and romance meet for this special 'house party' in the heart of Soho. Couple's and singles meet and enjoy a party without the hassle of a standard club night across 3 floors with multiple rooms and outside patios. Masks is a must... See more and book here >>>

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London's International Valentine's Venues
Put on your loving caps, it’s about time for the 364 days of pent up romance you’ve been storing to be unleashed. We have just the idea for local loving with a jet setting twist.

Feeling Lucky?
Win a Free Diamond on Valentine’s Day
This Valentine’s Day at Gilgamesh, one lucky diner will win an authentic diamond worth over £1,000, which they will discover at the bottom of the beautiful pink martini named Diamonds Are Forever.

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Whatever you decide to do...

Have a romantic day!

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