Kooba Radio Presents Christathon

Trinity Pub, Borough High Street, London

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Sun 24th Apr 2011

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Where:Trinity Pub, Borough High Street, London SE1 1JX
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Times:14.30 - 22.30
Admission:Small donation to charity
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About the event

Christathon is Kooba Radio’s annual Crucifixion themed dress-up pub crawl flash mob event! A tradition established in the year of our lord 2008.

Join us as we dress up as Jesus and take a little stroll around London, visiting some biblically named pubs along the way.

To raise a little cash for Christian Aid, meet new people, and to have a good old-fashioned fun time!

Where and When
Christathon takes place in London. We have a well established route that takes in various biblically named pubs in the capital.

It all starts at The Trinity pub (www.thetrinity.co.uk) on Borough High Street, right next to Borough tube station, at 2.30pm on Sunday 24th April 2011.

Or if you join us later in the day you can call the Christathon hotline on 07905 881 939, or track us by following our twitter feed @koobaradio (www.twitter.com/koobaradio), and find out where we are.

Just get your Christ costume ready! Christathon is FUN and well loved. Everyone that we encounter along the way always sees the fun side and often joins in with the merriment. People are often astounded by a group of Jesuses raising money for a good cause but never offended.

What to wear
Dress as Jesus. Christ costumes can be purchases very cheaply online.

Or why not make your own. Here's your check list...

Must haves...
• White tunic
• Long wig
• Beard (real or false)

Nice additions...
• Red sash
• Crown of thorns
• Sandals

Other costumes
Over the years we have seen a few Roman womenfolk, at least one Mother Mary(complete with baby bump) and even a Judas! Any Crucifixion themed characters are most welcome.

We also encourage “themed” Jesuses such as Zombie Christ, Elvis Christ and so on. Let your imagination run wild!

Official Link: http://www.koobaradio.co.uk/gigs/christathon/

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