Olympic Fencing

ExCeL Centre, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London

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Sat 28th Jul 2012 to
Sun 5th Aug 2012

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Where:ExCeL Centre, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL
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About the event

Yet another Olympic event that is rooted in the military training seen several hundred years ago and has now been developed into a popular sport. Fencing actually derived from a sport in the 17th century where the ‘foil’ or sword was developed as a way of helping duellists. Soon after the foils were used a set of rules were generated to go alongside the art of fencing. As part of this development there were wire face masks so that the activity became safe and available to mainstream participants.

Every bout (or round) is completed over three minute rounds and there are three rounds in total. The competitors stand on a narrow strip known as a piste which is around 14 metres in length. Points are scored every time the tip of the sword touches the opponent. These hits are recorded through complicated electrical systems.

There are several different weapons available namely the Foil, Epee and Sabre each of which has a different technique. Events are held as individuals and as teams, in the team event the collective points are added up to reveal the winning team.

Fencing has a long history with the Olympic Games having featured in every modern games. It is one of only four sports to be able to claim this interesting fact.

Fencing generates a huge following and is popular with a range of spectators in every event.

Official Link: http://www.london2012.com/games/olympic-sports/fencing.php

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