Breaking The Cycle: Exposing the Links Between Male Violence, Pornography & Prostitution

25 Red Lion Square, London
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This event ended on Saturday 11th of November 2023
£10, Concessions: £5

25 Red Lion Square, London

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This conference will explore how pornography and prostitution reinforce rape culture and the entitlement that drives male sexual violence. Sex trade survivors and other experts will share their real-world experiences to highlight the issues and what we can do to tackle them. Come along and find out how to break the cycle.


DR. GAIL DINES: Pornography and/as Male Violence Against Women. Dr Gail Dines will explore the production and consumption of pornography as a form of male violence against women and will show how the debasement, degradation and humiliation of women is inherent to porn. She will also discuss solutions for radical social change.

FIONA BROADFOOT: What about the girls? Drawing on her own experience in the sex trade and her many years working with marginalised women and girls, Fiona will discuss what is happening to girls now that porn has infiltrated every corner of our culture, and pimps and traffickers are celebrated.

MICHAEL SHEATH: The connections between pornography, child sexual abuse material, rape and prostitution. How the porn industry monetises and amplifies contempt for women and children and the impact of this on men and boys.

HUSCHKE MAU: How legalisation made Germany the brothel of Europe. Drawing on her own experiences and the latest studies, Huschke will explain the disturbing reality of Germany’s legalised prostitution system, exposing the terrible impact on the women trapped in the industry and how it is brutalising German society.

ESTHER: Andrew Tate is not an anomaly. Drawing on her own experience in the industry, Esther will discuss Andrew Tate, and how sexual exploitation didn’t begin with him and won’t end with him while the means through which online sexual exploitation is facilitated remains systematically unchallenged.

ALYSSA AHRABARE, URSULA LE MENN & LORRAINE QUESTIAUX: Pornography on trial – Amplifying survivors’ voices to challenge impunity. A discussion of strategic litigation, ongoing advocacy work, grassroots activism, successes, setbacks, and movement building across and beyond the feminist sphere.

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