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This event ended on Sunday 5th of November 2023
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StolenSpace Gallery is thrilled to announce ‘Elemental Mix’, a solo exhibition by the renowned artist duo, Kai & Sunny. The British artists return with a new body of work, which showcases the uniquely distinguishable compositions of acrylic paintings on linen.

‘Elemental Mix’ explores the constant shifts and changes of nature, the moment when the elements converge, creating a new beginning: a tipping point. The space, movement, and transference of colour in the work creates an atmosphere of how you might feel when subjected to the force of nature. The abstract paintings are led by the artists’ interest in lines, colours, forms and composition. Each painting captures an eloquent moment; an insight into a natural phenomenon, and radiates the connection between the forces of nature and emotions of life.

Kai & Sunny’s practice is rooted in the meticulous precision of their line work, using a variety of mediums such as ink pen or acrylic paint. Some lines in their work push and pull each other, as if caught in a constant state of flux, whilst other forms are free to flow and exude energy. The results show powerful kinetic compositions with a delicacy and tribute to nature. Their creative process is a methodical building of thin-intricate lines, structured one on top of the other, working collaboratively, colour by colour. Their approach to creating is as equally balanced as the artworks.

A collaborative piece between Kai & Sunny and D*Face will be on view as part of the ‘Elemental Mix’ exhibition, along with two animation works. In conjunction with the exhibition, Kai & Sunny will release two limited silkscreen prints, and two skateboard decks in collaboration with ‘Elemental Skateboards’.

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