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This event ended on Monday 13th of November 2023
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The Waiting Room
Stoke Newington High Street, N16 0LH
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DEAR NORA’s sound encompasses a spectrum of styles including classic rock, experimental music, ethereal pop, new age, folk, punk, and R&B. Katy Davidson (pronouns: they/she) writes lyrics with layered meanings that contemplate the vast realms and intersections of wilderness, humanity, morality, technology, late capitalism, and love. Dear Nora, Katy’s band since 1999, could sound like anything (and it’ll always sound like Dear Nora). Katy reinvents themselves at any moment, yet there is always the familiar face of a friend, taking us on a musical trip we didn’t know we needed to go on until we did. The latest time around, Katy and the Dear Nora crew bring us ‘human futures’ (2022, Orindal) , which is their first LP recorded in a commercial recording studio. There are new kinds of songs, old kinds of songs, there is still the voice of beauty and sanity that I’ve come to know and love over the years. The great strength of Dear Nora’s music is that it takes stock of its time and place and captures something that we can revisit later. It seems like the world depicted in these songs will continue to become more unrecognizable and more unlivable – but this is also tempered by my feeling of being understood by this music, and that life itself, shadows and all, is still beautiful and mysterious in the eyes of Dear Nora.

R. AGGS is a multi instrumentalist and songwriter based in Glasgow. Ray Aggs, a prolific specialist in euphoric post-punk, has achieved international acclaim with collaborative touring projects Trash Kit, Shopping and Sacred Paws. Creating zines and co-ordinating workshops that encourage women, non-binary people, and people of colour to form bands, Aggs has galvanised the DIY scene in the UK. Ray released a solo album on Lost Map records as part of their Visitations residency in 2019 and self released //Tape 1// in 2020. Both releases showcase Aggs’ signature hybrid post-punk/highlife inspirations stripped down to new minimal extremes. Pulsating, electronic beats, coolly-recited lyrical mantras and spindly guitar lines abound in this life affirming music that speaks directly to your heart.

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