The Song of Psyche: Corners of a Soul's Otherworlds

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The Song of Psyche presents a dialogue between two artists who have never met. Both are interested in the interconnection of what is physical, what is subliminal and what lies between. They approach this intersection from opposing angles to meet at the Corners of a Soul's Otherworlds.

Edward Bekkerman explores the subconscious and spiritual by condensing figures and forms into swirls and symbols. His vivid paintings trace the twists and turns of the human mind, whereas Nicola Turner's amorphous bodies assert a dark corporal presence as their indefinable limbs creep across surfaces and engulf objects.

By capturing uncanny aspects of the human condition they come together in what historian Denis Maksimov describes as "realms where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and the mundane takes on an otherworldly allure".

Many will recognise Turner’s creations from site-specific interventions across the country at locations ranging from cathedrals to derelict buildings. She presents a new body of work interacting with the gallery space. This is Bekkerman’s first exhibition in the UK.

Both artists share a background in the world of theatre, making their joint exhibition a contemporary fairytale informed by the folklore and mythology still celebrated in different guises around the globe at this time of year.

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