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You may be forgiven for thinking a reviving vitaming drip was the preserve of A-list celebs needing a boost after a big night out, but thanks to Get a Drip they're accessible for us mere mortals as well.

After founder Richard Chambers experienced the rejuvenating benefits of IV drips in hospital he decided drips should be accessible to the public and Get a Drip was born. Seven years of research later and it launched in October 2017, with clinics now open in Boxpark Shoreditch and Westfield Shepherd's Bush. The UK's leading vitamin drip provider, there's a whole menu of options available dependent on the individual's needs, with additional booster shots as well, all of which are administered by trained medical staff. 

But why a drip, I hear you ask? They're an effective way to deliver high doses of vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood stream intravenously, bypassing the gut where they can so often experience absorption issues. While results vary from individual to individual, many will begin to feel the effects during the treatment.

We recently popped down to the Shoreditch clinic, a surprisingly peaceful hub of tranquility amid the madness of Boxpark, for a Detox drip, a combnation of powerful antioxidants to helpthe body detox. It includes Glutathione (an antioxidant whose levels in the body can be depleted by poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and stress) as well as the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex. Drips can take around 45 minutes to administer, but apparently my super speedy veins (not sure if that's a good thing...) meant I was done and dusted in 20. The effects may not have been as instantaneous as first suspected - I didn't leap up out of my chair and run out of the clinic, full of energy, post-treatment - but I certainly felt that my sleep was better and my energy levels topped up the next day.

It's not a cheap fix, prices start from £75 for basic hydration and rise to £200 for specific tailored vitamin cocktails such as Anti-Ageing or Hair Health and a whopping £850 for their ultimate drip (basically every vitamin going...) but if you are commited to investing in your health and fitness and have the money to spend on it as a regular aside, much like a gym membership, then it's probably worth looking in to. 


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Feb 8, 2022 in Love London by Laurel