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What's New in London?

London's New Treasure Hunt

Bond fans take note; there's a new interactive game that will take you to the streets of London in a truly thrilling new experience.

081 Pizzeria teams up with Meatliquor

081 Pizzeria has announced a mighty meaty collaboration with iconic burger chain MEATliquor to launch limited edition ‘Chilli Dog Inferno’ pizza.

The personality-packed Ruby Lucy

This is a brand that prioritises stylish, inspiring spaces full of character as well as ensuring you have somewhere comfortable to lay your head.

What's On this week?


A unique exhibition that explores the profound relationship between art and emotions through the captivating medium of inflatable art.

Garden Photographer of the Year

This touring exhibition 17 will launch at Kew and feature a curated selection of higher placed winning photographs that were entered into the latest competition.

Madagascar's stunning natural beauty on show

Kew's annual orchid festival at Kew Gardens is a celebration of vibrant flora to brighten up the winter months.

London High Street News

Samsung opens new Experience Store

The new store will offer the latest emerging tech innovations, featuring the widest range of Samsung mobile, tablet and wearable products currently available to buy.

London's new best Bubbletea

Alongside the Bubbletea offering, there's Taiwanese Fried Chicken which can be seasoned to your liking with flavours such as Salt & Pepper and Plum.

Pick up some stocking fillers at Miller Harris

With over 20 years’ fragrance expertise, Miller Harris fuses the art of storytelling with devoted craftmanship to create fragrances that become a part of the fabric of life.

Some Interesting Things to Try

Hit the dancefloor at London's new super-sized club 

Capacity for only 15,000. That's all.

Hear up-and-coming bands at this music and food complex in Kings Cross

Live gigs coming out of your ears... or into them.

Eat London's most affordable French meal

Fine - yet affordable - food

Learn to make kimchi

Impress your guests

The Best Places in London

London's best pancake shops and restaurants

Don't forget the Jiff lemon...

London's most beautiful dishes

Top grub, looking pretty