The best Low-and-Slow-cooked food

Low + slow = delicious

With the exception of knowing which cupboard the Pot Noodles are kept in, this is the most valuable piece of info you need in your kitchen (well, for meat fans, anyway):

Fast: Expensive meat cuts with little connective fibre should be cooked quickly: the juicy muscle cells stay intact and retain their moisture (think good steak, pink lamb chops etc)

Slow: Cheaper cuts with more connective tissue pay to be cooked for longer: muscle cells burst, releasing moisture - but prolonged cooking in liquid breaks down collagen and sees moisture reabsorbed (think melting hotpot or stew)

Holy Grail: As culinary fortune would have it, collagen breaks down at 50°C but cell walls only start to burst at 60°C; therefore if you can cook your meat between 50 and 60°C for 10 hours or more the collagen will dissolve whilst the cell walls stay intact - the result is unbelievably tender and juice meaty morsels!

Can't be bothered to run your oven for 10 hours? That's OK, go to one of these purveyors of great low and slow cooking...

Q Grill image
Q Grill
29-33 Chalk Farm Road NW1 8AJ
Chalk Farm 0.25 miles

The owner of this hip eatery opposite Chalk Farm's Stables Market used to be the head chef at celebrity favourite The Ivy. Now he's switched to charcoal-grilled and smoked meats. It's American-inspired but with a British twist. Check out the pepper-rubbed Louisiana short rib with bone marrow mash, and wash the food down with Brewdog lager.

Duke's Brew and Que image
Duke's Brew and Que
33 Downham Road N1 5AA
Haggerston 0.44 miles
Opening Times

At this trendy pub in De Beauvoir Town they lovingly slow-cook pulled pork and ribs. Pig out on 'Duke's Greatest Hits', a combo of their signature beef rib, pork rib and pulled pork.

Pitt Cue Co image
Pitt Cue Co
1 The Avenue EC2M 4YP
Liverpool Street 0.19 miles

In a short space of time Pitt Cue Co went from a food truck parked by the South Bank centre to the institution that arguably kick-started London's love affair with all things BBQ. They still reign supreme with cuts of meat like ox cheek and lamb neck.

Smokehouse image
63-69 Canonbury Road N1 2DG
Essex Road 0.16 miles

Formerly the head chef at Pitt Cue Co, Neil Rankin opened Smokehouse in Islington in 2013. They mix up their smoked meats with global flavours, such as the lamb shoulder with polenta and French raclette cheese, and beef burgers with Korean pulled pork.

Grillstock image
198 Hoe Street E17 4QN
Walthamstow Central 0.19 miles
Opening Times

With Walthamstow becoming trendier by the minute, it makes perfect sense that this BBQ joint with successful eateries in Bristol and Bath would open an outpost here. Expect 18-hour smoked pulled pork, low 'n' slow baby back ribs and music, given that their career began touring UK festivals.

Joe's Southern Kitchen and Bar image
Joe's Southern Kitchen and Bar
34 King Street WC2E 8JD
Covent Garden 0.08 miles

This is London's only restaurant to serve beer can chicken, where the bird is plonked onto a beer can while it grills, keeping the meat nice and juicy. It's then wheeled out on a trolley and carved directly in front of you! Other treats include the eight-hour roasted beef and a whole southern fried chicken that's been marinated in tea for 24 hours.

HotBox image
46-48 Commercial Street E1 6LT
Aldgate East 0.15 miles
Gourmet Food
Opening Times

A meal at Hotbox is a party. There's loud music, bench seating and a generally fun-loving atmosphere. Try smoked beef ribs in a taco, pulled pork collar with hot links in a sandwich, or barbecued mutton with corn in a tortilla wrap.

One Sixty image
One Sixty
291-293 West End Lane NW6 1RD

From the same people as Michelin-starred Pied a Terre, One Sixty offers smoked ox cheeks, pulled pork cooked for 14 hours and smoked lamb rump. The restaurant is named after the temperature, as meat is cooked at 160 degrees Fahrenheit till it practically melts away.

Red Dog Saloon image
Red Dog Saloon
20 Berwick Street W1F 0PY

Specialising in barbecued meats from America's deep south, meat is smoked for a minimum of 12 hours, rendering it as soft as marshmallows. Highlights are the beef brisket and pork shoulder, and other delights include fried green tomatoes, burnt ends pie and spicy hot link sausages.