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33 Downham Road
N1 5AA
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Opening Times
Monday Open 16:00 - Closes 23:00
Tuesday Open 16:00 - Closes 23:00
Wednesday Open 16:00 - Closes 23:00
Thursday Open 16:00 - Closes 23:30
Friday Open 16:00 - Closes 23:30
Saturday Open 12:00 - Closes 23:30
Sunday Open 12:00 - Closes 22:30

Get the beef ribs. Then order the atomic wings if you're a sadist. Lovely meat. Lovely beer.

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Duke's is a beer and barbeque joint in the heart of Hackney. Serving fine smoked ribs, burgers and brunch along with craft beers and specialities, it is another win for the southern American invasion taking over London.

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Duke's Brew and Que

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Brought to you by way of Off Broadway – the market cocktail bar – comes Duke’s Brew and Que. It takes one to know one, and being an American, the proprietor at Duke’s clearly knows his BBQ.

Having transformed the former pub that stood on this spot nearby Haggerston Overland and just off Kingsland Road, the venue is a whole different beast these days. Wood pit for smoking in the kitchen, rough and ready timber tables and a cabin vibe that’s in keeping with the big flavours both of the food and the beer.

‘Not too big and not too small’ says the website and that probably sums it up – make sure you book well in advance for a chance to get in on a table because the ribs are making some big noise in Hackney right now. Yes, the ribs. Pork or beef served with pickles and slaw and paired with seasoned fries might just be the most satisfying dish around. The meat is tender and moist – retaining a flavour that screams. The wood grill gives everything an intensely smoky flavour and even the beans come complete with pork for that Wild West touch. A T-bone steak is the priciest morsel on the menu at £27.00 but an 18oz-er has never looked so big.

Frequented by locals, which inevitably means a vibrant crowd of well-heeled, well-dressed types, it has an atmosphere that borders on cosy. Maybe it’s the woody cabin feel, maybe it’s the rockin’ BBQ playlist – ether way, it’s real nice.

Duke’s is as much about beer as it is BBQ and in keeping with the East London craft obsession, it has the Beaverton Brewery to thank for some fine local ale on tap. By the bottle you can go Belgian with the likes of Troubadour or stick to the good ol’ US of A with delicious Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The casks on rotation are plenty and you’ll find all sorts of original flavours to whet your whistle.

Now excuse me while I mount up and head for a night at Duke’s Brew and Que… Yee haw!!

Reviewed by T.A.O
Published on Jul 9, 2012

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Sep 4, 2013

Duke's is without doubt a great establishment. The range of American beers is awesome and the atmosphere always makes it a fun place to be.

However, the food may be good but there is some inconsistency there. For the amount it talks up its ribs (and for the price) they don't always live up to the hype. They have been excellent but they have also been tough and chewy. And last time I visited I ordered the gumbo and paid £16 for a bowl of food close to the size of a large coffee mug - not great at all. The dish was delicious but tiny. Portions; they're an easy thing to sort out.
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