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It's easy to be put off from tweakments after seeing so many celebrities going OTT in recent years; whether overstuffed cheeks, a trout pout or a forehead so tight you could bounce a coin off it, we've certainly seen our fair share of former Love Islanders and TOWIE alumni who should have stopped a few appointments ago. 

Luckily, Ciao Bella Aesthetics is something of the opposite. The multi award-winning clinic, based in Bristol, is owned by Harley Street Cosmetic Injectable Trainer and award-winning nurse Alex Henderson and specilises in aesthetics to give clients a subtle, natural looking tweak without looking frozen and fake. Ciao Bella Aesthetics prides itself on being home to experienced, safe and ethical registered nurses, while Alex has turned the clinic into a training academy.

Having always been intrigued by filler done right, I jumped at the chance for a consultation with Alex. She's impossible to feel uncomfortable around; her sunny warmth is just what you want from someone who might be about to stick a bunch of needles in your face and she instantly puts clients at ease. Hearing her speak about how she's previously turned away clients who she felt were asking for something they didn't need was not only refreshing but immensely reassuring. Laying out my cards as to the areas I wanted her opinon on some help with, she put forward her recommendations. 

Having had a little botox in my forehead for the first time earlier this year I was intrigued to know whether it would have the same effect around the eye area, but on Alex's recomendation agreed instead to try filler which she suggested would help to plum out the area and go some way to ease the crow's feet and hollow tear ducts that I wanted help with.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I'm in the chair for real. Alex prepped around a syringe and a half - a relatively small dose - and marked up the injection marks along my cheekbones, under the eyes and at the bottom of the tear ducts. I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt - the injections were certainly painful - and it was a very odd sensation indeed feeling the liquid fill up the space and be manouvered around. Immediately afterwards the injection sites were slightly tender and one bruised ever so slightly where it bled a tiny bit on the way out, but was easily covered by make up the next day. 

24 hours later and my face looked refreshed, revived and certainly perkier; it's one of thos treatments where, done right, friends will comment on how great you look and assume you've got a new mascara or had 12 hours sleep. Alas, I was more than happy to disclose my little secret. 

With the filler probably lasting around 12 months it won't last forever, but I think it's safe to say I love the result and I'll be booking in again in the future.




Posted Date
Jul 31, 2022 in We Love London by Laurel
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