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’Tis the season, for coughs and colds and flus and booze and being tired and under the weather and just exhausted…


Help, however, is at hand, thanks to the IVBOOST clinic, specialists in IV vitamin therapy. Founded in 2005 and led by medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz, it treats over 1,000 patients each year with treatments infusing a careful constructed cocktail of vitamins and minerals directly.


Treatments work quickly and effectively as they infuse vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream; not only is hydration and nutrition delivered by IV 100% absorbed by the body with nothing lost through the digestive system, but large doses that cannot be tolerated orally can be taken up by the body intravenously.


With around 20 different vitamin drip cocktails available, each patient first undergoes a thorough consultation to ensure their drip is tailored to deliver what their body needs. With prices ranging between £175 and £350 dependent on the ingredients, it’s a health investment but one that’s worth it to keep you feeling your best. We recently popped in to give it a go, with Dr. Josh prescribing a drip packed with a host of vitamins and minerals to help with winter sniffles and restless nights. Instantly refreshed, with notably better sleep and more energy, it was a worthwhile visit. Regular appointments can help maintain optimal health, boost immunity and fight fatigue, reduce inflammation and so much more; if you’re in need of a boost, look into an IVBOOST.


IVBOOST is based at 48 Wimpole Street, W1G 8SF



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Dec 16, 2023 in Love London by Laurel