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It's no secret that wine education can be pricey, with the WSET courses a serious investment in both cash and time. What is we told you there was a new series on the way to kickstart your wine knowledge without the high price.

London wine bar and restaurant brand Humble Grape is launching a revamped, affordable Wine 1-0-1 series, priced at just £11 a session. Wine 1-0-1 offers an accessible gateway to learn the basics and gain confidence in the wine tasting world. Focusing on a different theme each month, these 45-minute tasting sessions are led by WSET accredited wine gurus who really know their stuff and are there to help you scratch up on all things grape! Looking for even more value? Guests will receive a tenner back as a voucher to splash at any of Humble Grape’s six wine bars, so you can really get the Humble Grape experience for less. 

Running across the wine bar’s Canary Wharf and Crouch End locations, there’s plenty of opportunity to level up your wine wisdom every month, including a focus on Organic and Biodynamic Wines during March, with sessions at the Canary Wharf branch on 19th March and Crouch End on 20th.

Humble Grape is all about supporting sustainable, natural winemakers. In this tasting session, get ready to embark on a tasting adventure featuring some of their absolute favourites; these wines aren’t just delicious; they’re a testament to the producers’ commitment to Mother Earth. Humble Grape's wine gurus will talk you through the authentic flavours, as well as the unique production techniques used to create them. 

April's programmes of Wine & Pairings is a must for any enthusiastic dinner party host. In this tasting our WSET accredited guru will talk you through some of the basic things to look out for when wining and dining. You'll learn how certain elements of wine react with food and what glass you should be pouring with each course. Available at Canary Wharf on 23rd April and Crouch End on 24th.

Each event promises an evening full of surprises as expert sommeliers guide you through exceptional bottles from small, sustainable, family-run wineries, that are exclusively stocked with Humble Grape in the UK, creating a one-of-a-kind tasting each time. 

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Feb 25, 2024 in Love London by Laurel