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19-23 Oxford Street
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Metro Night Club is a night club offering a large variety of beers, spirits and cocktails. They play Soul, Funk, Retro and Indie music.

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Fridays (Bed Rock + Bedrock) and Saturdays (Blow Up)

Fridays at Metro..let’s call it ‘cheap thrills’ know it’s not going to be the most amazing, exciting night of your life, but you can be sure you’ll have loads of fun nevertheless. It’s relaxed, the people are usually easy going, you don’t have to dress up unless you want to since you won’t ever feel underdressed – the crowd always consists of the usual indie lot, but also people that have just walked in wearing trainers without having a clue what would be on there. There are also always some tourists, so no one really cares about what you wear.

The music is very classic indie plus some retro stuff – no one bothers with trying to be underground – the DJs are actually nice people and they DO play requests, you won’t get the usual ‘DJ is too much up his own A** to play the music the crowd actually wants to hear’ business that you get in other indie clubs.

I personally much prefer Saturdays at Metro (Blow Up) it’s more like the crowd is actually there for the music – it’s a nice mix of retro and current indie tunes, but the more ‘’r’n’r’’ ones, rather than the latest electro stuff for example. Again, the DJs are nice blokes and you can go up to them and ask them to play your favourite tunes or you can just let them play their mix of Kinks/Small Faces/Rolling Stones/most other big Mod/soul/etc bands and recent acts such as Kings of Leon.

Published on Jul 9, 2008

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Mar 11, 2006

Although i may be slightly biased due to my friend's band playing there at the time, i have to say that a night out in the Metro is something you shouldn't miss if you are staying in london (providing of course you enjoy the music they play). The music is louder then life, which some people may find a turnoff, but personally (providing its not every day of my life) i find it a lot of fun.

The reason i didnt give the metro a higher score then 8 is because the bouncers dont know the club's capacity, and let in seven million four hundred and sixty eight thousand eight hundred and fifty two people (an exxageration of course) at around nine o'clock making it take ages to get around.