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287 King's Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5EW
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287 King's Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5EW

020 7351 4964


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South Kensington (0.61 miles)

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Tuesday - Saturday: 22:00 - 05:00

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Raffles is one of the most famous and most exclusive private members clubs in the capital. Located on the Kings Road it prides itself on its discretion. Members enjoy the club for its exclusivity and luxury, as well as its music, which lies at the core of the club and Raffles attracts some of the best acts and DJs in the world.

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Raffles Night Club Picture
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User Reviews

Reviewed by Jenn from x
This club is the most disgusting venue I have ever had the misfortune to visit. I am not prepared to waste my time going into the full details of my disaster of a night due to this establishment but lets just say unless you are the "right" Age, Weight, Height, Race etc then you will be turned away. "We are a privately owned club and the owners like to keep up a certain appearance" was the quote I heard from the woman on the door when turning away custom. London is full of wonderful places to visit so do not waste your time on this overpriced, pretentious and actually rather shabby club.

Aug 5, 2014

Reviewed by Poppy from Notting Hill
I hadn't been to Raffles for over 10 years, until I returned last week for an unexpected night out! I was very surprised. The space has been dramatically updated from how I remembered it all those years ago... The drinks are still quite pricey, but it appears to attract the same beautiful, familiar and friendly Chelsea crowd. Fantastic DJ in that night, too. A great night out - a definite 9 out of 10.

Mar 25, 2013

Reviewed by jessex
I used to love this place, but now it changed too much, I had awful service at the bar, staff was very rude, I don't feel welcome as I used to, there are much better places to go in Chelsea.

Feb 9, 2012

Reviewed by tpop
I went here the other wednesday after a friends dinner party... i have to say i thought wednesday nightlife had all but died in south west london. i was THRILLED to be proved wrong by this infamous institution. Thought it might be a bit stiff, but was full of modelly types (well i csan only assume they were all models). What a FANTASTIC night out! if you haven't aleady then definitely give it a go! x

Oct 24, 2011

Reviewed by louise and max
I went last night- it was really good fun- after an engagement party there was about 20 of us, such fun music - pretty hectic in there but we had a table so that was cool. Hadnt been for ages- had too much to drink but worth it - going to go again soon- best part was it was raining when we left so I was given a special raffles umbrella- COOOOL- super smart!

Oct 14, 2011

Reviewed by Anonymous
I told my friends I did not want to go to raffles as I had the worst experience last year but.... what a difference a year makes. We had an absolutely amazing time.

I have been many times but it was always a bit of a bore getting in but this time my friend was placed on a guest list by the pr guy there He told us to get there early though, we realised this was the right information as the club filled up very quickly and we probably wouldnt have got in otherwise. The music was ok, nothing special but the people were great really really friendly and nothing like you would expect from this club. It had a reputation of being stuck up without any back up of service but now things seems to have changed, I met the guy who placed us on the list and he made us feel really welcome. It makes such a difference when you are greeted and spoken to like you are vauluable.

I will not be avoiding this place again.

Aug 2, 2010

Reviewed by Anonymous
Went on a Saturday night. Place was packed and doors closed by 1.30am. Apart from the door staff not acknowledging my guest list everything was fantastic and got in anyway. Music very soft but fun. Good service at bar (sexy girls!) and greeted by Host, English guy at bar and bought drinks for our group and made to feel extremely welcome and later on by French guy who did same thing. THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THE WEST END AND CAN SEE WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT RAFFLES AGAIN! Dance floor packed and club a little dark when full but in general one of the best nights I have had out in years and will return again soon.

Apr 14, 2010

Reviewed by Anonymous
Went down to Raffles as invited by one of my best pals who is new marketing guy there and took my teammates - yes we are footaballers! Had special ladies night called MY BOYFRIEND IS OUT OF TOWN going on. Balloons, Burlesque show, sexy female DJ, great cocktails. Had a great night out. Good Looking ladies, good music, club decorated great, friendly staff, poker cash game... ALL IS GOOD IN CHELSEA BABY!!!

Mar 22, 2010

Reviewed by Anonymous
Peter new new Head of Marketing, seems to have his head on straight. The club needed a fresh spark someone to bring a different vibe and group to the club, keeping exclusivity, making this an adult playground. Poker Game wednesays drawing big spenders, I waited 2 hours to get in on the game as arrived too late. club stays open until game finishes. Some famous faces playing and their girls waiting in the club downstairs. Very interesting club !

Mar 19, 2010

Reviewed by Anonymous
Without doubt this place has changed for the better. The service is wonderful, the management team led by a charming French gentleman are all so very friendly and entertaining. I stayed far longer than I should have, I am sure I will do so again, very soon. Go. See. Feel. Enjoy.

Mar 11, 2010

Reviewed by Anonymous
The club has changed recently, still exclusive, yet the crowd has moved away from the All West London crowd to the more ecletic mix of the slightly trendier parts of London such as Shoreditch. This means the night has an air of fashion, mixed with wealth mixed with a feeling of naughtiness. Very Noel Coward, anything goes darling ! A fantatsic venue for private parties, they are also very lucky bunnies indeed as they have a 5am licence... surely one of the best kept secrets..well it was !

Mar 11, 2010

Reviewed by Anonymous
I would have to agree with the other comments left, i don't know what is the hype about this place? it is way over priced and the publicity that surrounds this place is evident, obviously you have to have royals appearing other wise this club would fail massively on there own! You should try diva beach, i think they are raffles new local competition, the staff are nice there, but the club is a small style club, pricey are very reasonable for chelsea, there is no****yness about the place or arrogance like what you experience at raffles.

Nov 4, 2009

Reviewed by milor
just to make clear,presume im their target market,english titled well off and not too repellent on the eye
mention this not to blow my own trumpet but rather to explain that my negative review cant be dismissed as merely due to a chip on the shoulder
entered with some members
place clean,well presented.main room is a dance floor,with good techno type music,with seating around dance floor.bar is small and a bit of a scrum.
managed to buy a few drinks.youre looking at annabels type prices here. bit cheeky, but never mind
found seat by dance floor.no chance to chat as music is very loud.however gave chance to observe people.moderate smattering of pretty dollies, vying for attention on the dancefloor.all dressed up,full make up and making an effort
ratio of men to girls 3 to 1.perculiar mix of chaps.city types showing their money.army subalterns.wannabe young trendy boys whirling about,like dervishes. perhaps theyre glitterati types,but have no interest and wouldnt have a clue anyway.apparently younger royals go and though theyre relations,imagine that for most,must be as amusing as looking at goldfish in a bowl.all in all eveyone trying a tad too hard to impress who knows who
the important thing is to have had a good time,minor celebs and royals notwithstanding and theres the problem
after 7 rounds of various shots we were still as sober as judges.perhaps others came in half cut on something, but theres something fishy going on with the booze.
foreign bouncers try to look hard and surround the dance floor gith an air of menace and are surly.laughable for anyone whose taken a few scalps in the field.even the bog attendant was arrogant and impertinent.went out for a fag and despite informing the nice black lady on the door she forgot and it was a pain to re enter
by now patience wearing thin and contemplating arranging rent review,immigration raid etc.raffles must learn that it costs nothing to be charming and polite to all,you never know who you are dealing w

Oct 10, 2009

Reviewed by Anonymous
Raffles does not even merit the lukewarm praise of "the best of a bad bunch" in Chelsea. It would more accurately be described as the arm-pit of the very worst of London's clubs. Small and cramped, you cannot move for tottering, teetering WAG wannabes not to mention the bloated, cord-wearing egos who are the first word in sleaze and the last word in arrogance.

It is difficult to imagine why anyone would return here, the staff (the manager in particular) were ill-mannered bordering on aggressive with the clientele following their lead. Drinks are over-priced, the decor tasteless and seedy and the music flounders somewhere between Magic FM and Ibiza anthems.

Not worth anyones time money.

Apr 20, 2009

Reviewed by Anonymous
This club really is the most over-priced hole I have ever been to. It's £20 entry which I would happily pay for one of the bigger, more famous London clubs with headlining DJs, but this really surprised me, especially given the amount of press this place gets with drunken minor royals falling out of this place with their knickers down every week. The DJ here seemed to only have on CD, the current Now! That's What I Call Music, as he had the same 10 songs on loop all evening and even played Just Dance by Lady GaGa 4 times in one hour! The drinks are the same as anywhere else but just 4 times the price, what you are paying for is anyone's guess.

I would definitely avoid this place at all costs. If you are really looking for a proper London night out, avoid this club and probably this whole area. Utterly rubbish.

Mar 9, 2009

Reviewed by Anonymous
On the whole the club is great! The club has a very up beat atmosphere. The clientele was too my liking and all very friendly and fun. There was a good selection of music both commerical and underground. The bar staff fantastic and very chatty.
The only bad aspect of this club is the door staff. Although, i was on the guess list, i was kept waiting longer than those who were not. After being asked my name, the door staff disappeared for 15 minutes and came back ignoring me and then walked off again! I had to ask another doorstaff where she has gone and they told me they didnt know and was unable to find out. After waiting about 30 minutes, i asked another doorstaff what the wait was. Instead of answering me, she let me in.
My friend came a little later and was refused entry because he was a guy! The club was not full but they refused him entry because the door lady said the guy to girl ratio was to high! The door staff kept my friend waiting for 45minute before telling me this and she did so only because i enquired! The door staff was very rude and incompetent!
That aside, i had a good night out

Feb 28, 2009

Reviewed by Anonymous
Raffles is, without a shadow of doubt, the worst nightclub in London. The doorstaff are about as nice as a terminal illness and you will always have issues if you arrive in a large group. The inside could be cool, but the music is dire and the unfriendly ethos of the staff is carried on.

Go elsewhere and enjoy your night.

Sep 7, 2008

Reviewed by curiousgirl

Pretentious place…I would never go there again.

May 21, 2008

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