Cafe Columbia

Cafe at 138 Columbia Road
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138 Columbia Road
Bethnal Green
E2 7RG
Bethnal Green
Nearest Station
0.31 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 07:00 - Closes 15:00
Tuesday Open 07:00 - Closes 15:00
Wednesday Open 07:00 - Closes 15:00
Thursday Open 07:00 - Closes 15:00
Friday Open 07:00 - Closes 15:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Open 07:00 - Closes 15:00

User Reviews

from London

Jul 10, 2017

This is the worst cafe I have ever been and the horribly rude owners there.

We went to this cafe last weekend, after getting some plants from the Columbia Road flower market. The cafe was not busy with quite a few empty tables when we got it. We were about to order when my boyfriend needed to pick up a call. So he stepped out the cafe to talk on the phone, and I sat and waited till he came back to order. The owner who was a very rude couple, took turns to come to me yelling at me to order, saying I can't sit there without spending money, as they are running a business! I explained that I was waiting for my boyfriend to come back and to see what he wanted and it would literally be no more than a few minutes. They continued to shout that I have to order immediately otherwise I can't sit there.

The couple are the most horrible and rude people I have met and it is completely unacceptable to treat customer like this! There is a decent way of making money.
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