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106 Harley Street
020 7499 3223
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The Cranley Clinic offers a range of dermatological treatments for cosmetic enhancements such as facial implants, botulism and blemishes. They also offer some non surgical treatments.

User Reviews

from London

Jun 28, 2022

I am quite surprised by these reviews. Had a great consultation and first procedure with Dr Nick Lowe. He is an expert and gave me some excellent insights and advice. He really put me at ease. Davinia was also very kind and helpful running through all the treatments in more detail and helping with skincare. I will be back soon for my next treatments.
Pacific Dreams

Jun 13, 2018

Wonderful Cranley Clinic
Professional, Knowledgable, Caring, Careful, Attentive, Safe

Ive been attending Cranley Clinic for well over 2 years now. This is the only place I go from now on for all things Skin, Skin care, laser treatments, scar, scar revision, minor acne all cleared up, Skin Pigmentation, Looking Good! and naturally Healthy.
Truly professional and very caring and careful.
Care about getting results.
Any recommendations Dr Lowe suggests I duly attend.
Relying on makeup is not the best idea as it masks issues that can become worse, better to care for your Skin. Antioxidants, SPF,
In a world of snake potions everything promises something, Better go with the Science! Where you get results! instead of dud creams that do nothing.
The Cranley Clinic work great as a team. Very Attentive and very caring.
from London

Apr 16, 2018

Honestly, I was treated by a therapist for a year and whilst she was lovely, the treatment had little effect. Finally getting bored I tried a consultation with the Dr himself. Explaining that I had laser hair removal somewhere else he got furious and started insulting me that I visited another dermatologist. He eventually asked why and I said it was 'better value', much to his irritation. (I mean yeah, £800 per area for a laser when the much more effective dermatologist a few doors down does it for £400...)

He got angry and refused to treat me for something totally different. His tacky assistant then layered on the rudeness on my way out. What an absolute child, both of them.

His wife is a nightmare too - threatening you constantly with cancellation fees and being as obnoxious as one would have thought possible.
Jo G
from Kingston

Feb 22, 2018

I cannot recomment The Cranley Clinic highly enough for their care and treatment of my daughter, who is in her early twenties and has had severe acne since she was 13. We had been everywhere, tried everything, annothing worked. Her teenage life was blighted, Roaccutane made her severely depressed, other clinics, in her words, 'were just interested in selling me products'. The kind, sympathetic and non-patronising attitude of The Cranley Clinic, in addition to its prescribed medication (and products that actually help) has turned her life around. I am so grateful, and so impressed.
J Brien
from London

Nov 6, 2015

For a company dealing in care its very abrasive and money-orientated. Not pleasant at all to deal with although they are meant to be one of the better in the industry. It is surprising they are still viable as a company. It is not surprising the reviews here and on other websites are very poor. You need to raise your game Cranley Clinic considering the charges you make.
Sally Anwar
from London

Jul 7, 2015

I have been using the cranly for many years and most of the reviews on here are spot on. They treat well at the beginning, but then hike up the prices staff suddenly become obnoxious ( except Debbie she's brilliant), if you have a treatment and don't see results you will get fobbed off or told to try another treatment so you pay more money. Sadly this clinic has become a money grabbing machine without even offering a friendly service. I recently called to enqire about a treatment I had with them and their only interest was to book me more appointments without showing interest why I am callin
from london

Mar 17, 2015

I have just spoken with the lady answered the phone and I didn't find her helpful at all. As sson as I ask about their prices she hurried me up and dismissed me.
£350 just a consultation fee! absolute rip off.
many other clinics around.
Elizabeth Hince
from London

Nov 17, 2014

I used the Cranley for a number of years but they hiked up the prices so much and as another reviewer commented, started charging £75.00 if you asked a question during a treatment, that I decided not to go back. I expect to pay inflated prices for professionals but don't like being ripped off in this manner. Some of the therapists gave better treatments than the bosses. I have since found another clinic offering top end products and services and they charge 30% less and you are allowed to have an informed discussion without being charged at the end of it.
from London

Oct 10, 2014

Having read the comments about the Cranley Clinic I'm in shock and it seems that the reviews must be referring to somewhere else in my mind .

Having visited Dr Lowe 2 years ago for my acne I have nothing but highly positive feedback to provide about the service I received .

I have been seeing him ever since for further procedures and he has really been a life saver to me .

The service was always on time and they made sure to fit me in for appointments as and when I need Dr Lowe is worth his weight in gold and all of his staff have constantly made me feel welcome and helped me when ever I need it.

I would give the clinic 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend the service to any one who asked.

Dr Nick Lowe is a complete professional who gives you exactly what you want . His staff also portray the same professional working manner and in particular Debbie and have proven to be more than helpful .

Any one looking for a high class service should definitely attend I simply would not go anywhere else.
from London

Apr 2, 2014

I have just telephoned the clinic to enquire about some treatment and the lady that answered the phone was not helpful at all , she could not get me off the phone quick enough , I was actually in the middle of asking here something when she put the phone down ......very rude , this is not how you treat a customer , hence why I will be now looking else where for my treatment .
from London

Mar 5, 2014

I had the same experience with the cranley clinic a few years ago and have not been back since.
I had one treatment with laser for facial redness which cost me around £700. I did not see much of a difference and I was a student at the time so I said I would have to think about whether I wanted a second treatment or not and and the doctor beamed suddenly rude and actually left the room shaking his head half way through my follow up consultation. He was very rude as arrogant and highly unprofessional.
I would not recommend his clinic to anyone.

Mar 28, 2012

I had thread removal treatment at this clinic, which cost me £500, it was pointless, as no difference was seen whatsoever. Dr Lowe charges £350 for a consultation fee. This is before he even lays a finger on you. He has become quite greedy over the years and it has stopped being about the client and has become all about the money. I'm sure he has very rich clients, who spend a lot of money with him. I'm equally sure these client's, probably, get treated very diffidently to the ordinary clients who see him.

Thank you, a very disappointed customer.
Miss VFM

Oct 2, 2010

As a patient since 1999, I wholeheartdly agree with the other reviews. Dr Nick Lowe runs a very expensive production line for botox and the like. The thermage treatments (£2000+) left my skin highly pigmented; he said it was not the thermage but offered to try another laser on it for £2000.

If you go for botox, don't ask any other questions or you will be charged an extra £75-£100 for a consultation (just for, say, asking him to look at a mole that is worrying you). This is while you are paying £500+ for some botox.

This clinic is money focussed and the Dr has no courtesy whatsoever. All he sees is the cash register totting up the procedures as he does them.
I have only been a patient for so long as I was too nervous to try anyone else, but I have been today for the last time. ASked to pay a second time for botox which did not take the first time a few days ago, that is the end for me. avoid this rip off joint.

Feb 8, 2010

Years ago I had laser surgery with this clinic for scars on my face, they weren't even that deep but there was no difference afterwards. I paid £3500 for it which I would have been happy too had there been even some improvement so it was a rip off.

Sep 2, 2009

the cranly clinic treats its first time customers lovely but once you get used to their services the staff become realy rude and stropy. although compared to other clinics its not cheap one tends to think the staff will get better and more helpful but no chance. i have been a client for 5 years but now i have found a better place. so dont wait like i did for the staff to treat you well.everyone needs some sort of reassurance after any procedure but dont expect that at the cranly.
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