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Dry Cleaner at 123 Shirland Road
We were one of London's first cleaners to offer Delivery Services (2004) so we've had time to get things right. That means consistant logistical reliability coupled with user friendly scheduling sys
123 Cleaners
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5 / 10 from 12 reviews
123 Shirland Road
Maida Vale
W9 2EW
020 7289 9123
Maida Vale
Nearest Station
Maida Vale
0.40 miles
Dry Cleaners
We were one of London's first big cleaners to offer collection and delivery services, so we've had the time to get things right. That means consistent logistical reliability, simple scheduling and payment systems, and knowledgeable drivers.

But first and foremost we're Launderers and Dry Cleaners with over 40 years experience. So our collection & Delivery service is backed up with dependable cleaning.

So unlike many newer online only cleaners, we process absolutely ALL Dry Cleaning and Laundry ourselves, resulting in less 'glitches' and a consistently better service for you.
Opening Times
Monday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Tuesday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Wednesday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Thursday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Friday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Saturday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Sunday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00

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Delivery Service Available

Credit Cards Accepted

123 Cleaners started out in 1969 as a self-service laundry and dry cleaners in Maida Vale London. After 45 years, we still operate from the same (enlarged) site and are in the same family ownership.

We're now one of London's largest laundries servicing individuals and businesses. Big enough to cope with most volumes but still small enough to offer traditional attention to detail.

We consist of around 30 staff, the most of whom have been with us for over 10 years. That’s something we’re not only proud of but value highly: Experience really counts in this business.

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Catharina, Sw37rp

User Reviews

from Duffey

May 3, 2024

First of all the staff here are extremely rude. Do not expect any kind of customer service to match the astronomical prices the charge to then ruin your clothes. Twice I have been charged extra for “specialist cleaning” only for the items to come back destroyed. Again, don’t expect any sympathy, refund, compensation or remorse for them charging you to ruin your clothes. I would absolutely, unequivocally avoid this place.
from Brookes

Dec 10, 2021

Absolute rubbish. They charge through the nose for an ‘expert cleaning service’ but can’t even get simple pleats right. If you have leather or suede they charge even more and then tell you they can’t guarantee to remove any stains?? So what exactly is the point of a super expensive ‘expert cleaning service’ then? They’ve damaged my clothes, lost my clothes or porky cleaned them - as they can’t guarantee any actually cleaning - and the attitude of the manager is absolutely appalling. Customer service 0. Cleaning service 0. Don’t waste your time or money.
Amanda M
from London

Sep 7, 2020

I chose this cleaner based on the detail on their website which stated that they had experience in laundering wool-filled duvets. But they have ruined my king sized Devon Duvet. And they’re trying to weasel out of replacing it by quoting me the price of a new replacement (like I won’t check myself!) and saying it “depreciates like a car”. I’ve checked with the manufacturer and this duvet says it must be line dried - which 123 ignored and cooked it in the dryer, wrecking it.

Don’t use unless you’re prepared to play Russian roulette with your possessions.
from Sw37rp

Sep 2, 2019

I really love the service and the stuffs. They are so friendly and helpful.
from london

Nov 10, 2018

LAUGHABLE service. Save your money and your effort and go elsewhere.
The website is wrong - pickup dates are incorrect so you have to reschedule...Note that I was not informed that my order wasn't happening, I just had to chase them to find that out...

They still managed to mess up pickup times AGAIN regardless.
Call to complain leads to being informed about their company needs REPEATED confirmations that you want a booking...3 times apparently...via the website, AND calling direct, AND now the driver as well...makes you wonder if the booking has any validation to it at all in the first place...
Please note that upon calling said drivers back - in under 40 minutes and still within their allocated pick up hours - DRIVERS DONT PICK UP ANYWAY...so its impossible to confirm with them (again...)...
Absolute shambles start to finish. No point to them at all.
Magdalena Piecyk
from Kilburn Park Road

Oct 29, 2018

I used dry cleaners for awhile now, it always provided ok services. However this year I am very disappointed.
I had some cloths damaged , customers curtains not cleaned on Tim e and now I had some items missing. I get mixed informations- one person is saying it was taken by mistake to Scotland, other that they don’t know where it is. It is extremely worrying as it looks to me very little care it taken with someone’s belongings.
Nobody contacted me regarding this issue, I found out during the collection that some items are not there. It has been 2 weeks or longer now and I still have not heard anything.
I went to speak to someone last Saturday - still nothing.
Manager have poor customer service skills same as
Some of the ladies serving.
Nobody cares to make a call and inform of progress or its lack.
Rachel Taylor
from Maida Vale, London

May 10, 2017

I had just moved to the area from SE23, where I had a lovely dry cleaner, and 1 2 3 looked ok as it was always busy.

It was my first time so they offered a slight discount, which was great.

I had a dress (from whistles £225) that I paid to be cleaned as "delicate". My old dry cleaners would put the pleats back in, and 1 2 3 refused, which was ok as I knew my old cleaner went beyond the call of duty. They could consider putting pleats back in, as I know this is possible. It would even be worth it for the extra charge.

But when I picked up my dress it was in worse condition than when I left it and all of the gold had been scorched off the zip and it had been left an awful brassy colour, I was devasted. Such a poor, poor job. If you're paying extra for a "delicate" item, you expect care to be taken. The dress has been dry cleaned numerous times before and this has never happened.

Improvements: staff need to extra care attention when doin
from Earlsfield

Apr 16, 2016

Used this service for the first time after seeing their van driving in my area and am so glad I did! I got them to do a variety of things from cleaning my bedding, dry cleaning some clothes, doing a weeks worth of laundry and some basic mending too. Everything came back beautifully clean and mended. Will definitely be using these guys from now on.

The last thing to take note of is that the gentleman who does the pick ups and drop offs in my area is a brilliant representative of the brand. As someone who works in retail, I have to say it is always a pleasure to see excellent customer service and 123 Dry Cleaners didn't let me down! He alone is worth every star!
R Watson
from Kensington

Aug 3, 2014

i love this launderette/dry cleaners. the staff is always very friendly and Rose who is always on the counter is very helpful. The prices are competitive and the cleaning is perfect. I used to live in the area but now travel a fair distance to bring my clothes. Thanks 123!
from London

Mar 22, 2013

AVOID!!! previous review was accurate. The cleaning they do is good, however prepare to be abused by rude staff. The woman behind the desk named Rose, doesn't smile, doesn't say hello and then speaks unbelievably rudely. When I said that I found her tone rude, she disagreed and said that's just how she is. Considering that you do have extremely friendly and helpful competition close by like Sparrow on Sutherland Avenue...I just can't see why anyone would put up with that. Want to use a card? Expect to pay more and also add 24 hours to the turn around time! Please don't patronise!
June Taylor
from Elgin Av

Mar 30, 2011

I have always found 123 Cleaners to be friendly and professional and I ve used them now for over 3 years. Especially when you compare their reasonable prices with other cleaners in the area. Only once did I have a problem and it was quickly resolved.

Name: June Taylor
Location: Elgin Av

Jul 4, 2010

123 Cleaners offers an exceptional alteration and dry cleaning service however every time I go in to the shop the staff are rude and arrogant this doesnt make it easy for me to hand over my money to them and if i knew somewhere as good as them i would definately go there.
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