American Dry Cleaning Company

Dry Cleaner at 4, Lichfield Terrace, Sheen Road
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Lichfield Terrace
Sheen Road
Richmond Upon Thames
020 8332 2096
Nearest Station
0.20 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 08:00 - Closes 18:00
Tuesday Open 08:00 - Closes 18:00
Wednesday Open 08:00 - Closes 18:00
Thursday Open 08:00 - Closes 19:00
Friday Open 08:00 - Closes 18:00
Saturday Open 09:00 - Closes 18:00
Sunday Open 11:00 - Closes 17:00

The American Dry Cleaning Company also offer a laundry service as well as a repair service for handbags, clothes and shoes. They do collections and deliveries.

User Reviews

from Richmond

Nov 14, 2019

I left a new suit for dry cleaning. The suit came back with a big patch where the fabric had been rugged on the front of the jacket.

The dry cleaner told me it was down to wear and tear. Refused to take responsibility and gave no compensation.

Avoid at all cost

Aug 10, 2011

Took my beautiful designer wedding dress in to be cleaned but when collected the panels of jewels had been removed and replaced in completely the wrong place.
The dress was clean but effectively ruined by the incompetant seamstress. The jewels were several cm's out of place and lop-sided. The seamstress had also scrunched up the material under the panels that had been replaced. She had also sewn through all three layers of silk, rather than just the top layer, with random sized stitches.
The woman who runs the shop was incredibly rude when I made it clear I was unhappy, asking me if I expected everything in life to be perfect!!
I have since taken up the issue with the manager up at the Head Office in North West London.
My advice to anyone would be not to take any valuable item to this dry cleaning company, they cannot to trusted to treat your belongings with care and respect. And DO NOT use this seamstress for any tailoring, she is completely incompetant.
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