Bangladesh High Commission

Embassies & Consulate at 28 Queen's Gate
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28 Queen's Gate
South Kensington
020 7584 0081
Nearest Station
Gloucester Road
0.29 miles

The Bangladesh High Commission provides local, national and worldwide information on their services to all commercial, industrial and tourist orientated activities directed to Bangladesh. In addition they are here to assist their compatriots and to offer them the local representation of their homeland.

User Reviews

Maruf hasan
from ROMFORD,London

Jul 12, 2022

You have very good and Quick service i am happy for that
from London

Dec 1, 2021

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEIR WEBSITE?? We've spent about 4 days trying to complete an NVR and either the page is loading or it times out or the links don't work - we're in 2021 - come on guys - a child nowadays can design a working website. Please sort it out. It's embarrassing. You have an embassy in one of the most expensive streets in London yet look at the website.
Nasir shah
from London

Nov 18, 2021

This place is a joke they don't know the meaning of customer service they think they are still in bangladesh, every staff wants to show authority like there doing you a favour its your job your meant to be helping your citizens thats what your there for they talk very rude to all people old and young its embarrassing but people stay calm because they need there visa not one staff is helpful and polite they all seem to have paid to get there job because they are definitely not trained or qualified.

Speaking polite to all customers and helping them understand and awnsering there phone is basic communication skills they haven't even got that, they act like kings but you giving a nvr is your job and you explaining and helping people is also. Teach basics of customer service politeness and invest in ink and printers your an office for God sake its basics also invest in a website that works a 14 Yr old can make a better website system.
Abdul Majid Choudhury
from London

Sep 20, 2021

Today / 10/09/2021 I have been to the passport office I could not believe about their service
So high quality and professional
Samanta Hossain
from West Ham

Aug 28, 2021

Excellent service
Md Annower Hossain
from Stratford,London

Aug 28, 2020

Review picture
I went to Bangladesh Embassy in London last month regarding my new born baby’s passport application.When I went in passport section to submit my application I saw Mr. Sumon I asked help from him that how I’ll submit my application form because of I haven’t book any appointment and it was looked changed the procedure to for passport application submission for COVID-19.Mr Sumon he was really nice with helpful mind he check back my application form and he find out some error in my application and he helped me a lot for to erase those errors in my baby’s passport application.Finally I had submitted my application form on that day.It was really hard to go back again in another day with my baby in this COVID-19 time.Without Mr.Sumonit it was really impossible to submit my baby’s passport application form on that same day.I appreciate him a lot and we need like Mr.Sumon person in our Bangladesh Embassy in London for best service for us what we are looking forward always.

Best Regard
Abeer Ahmed
from London

Aug 24, 2020

Happy with the service by BHC, London
Ikram Ullah
from London

Aug 20, 2020

from London

Aug 17, 2020

from London, UK

Jul 26, 2020

Called the high commission during the lockdown and managed to speak to a helpful gentleman regarding my wife’s passport renewal. Followed the instructions given and received the passport within 6 weeks. Email communications with the first secretary Mr. Fazle Rabbi was fantastic, he replied to emails very quickly. I think services are getting better and moving to the right direction at Bangladesh High Commission London.
J begum
from London

Jul 25, 2019

They have an office at a very expensive area but when you go to their office in the basement it’s like a dog house !!! I felt like I was in Bangladesh in a run down office . Workers were comfortably sitting behind the counter with AC whilst the customers were without a fan and or AC at a temperature of 35c . My sister who’s 8 months pregnant couldn’t use the toilet some
Where out of use and the ones inside, ladies one was locked so they told
her to use the men’s one which was so disgusting you will rather urinate on your pant then use the toilet . You need to renovate the whole place make it bigger and modernise it and please invest in a AC that’s just basic human rights we felt like we were going to pass out in this heat . And also have a system be more organise the way you work and do things .
Helal Ahmed
from Ilford

Mar 21, 2013

Opening ours don't mean anything, they do not correspond to website opening ours as I went at 13:30 only to be told they are not open for any visas as they close counter for visa on Thursday at 13:00 & Friday till 12:00 not what the website states, wasted my time. CALL these jokers be for you go.

Feb 29, 2012

Very poor service. website is very poorly laid out and half the links don't work. More of an amateur attempt rather then a High Commission Website. Phone numbers are rubbish. Called all 3 offices of which no answer for over 3 hours! Very difficult to get any information from these lot.

Jan 25, 2012

Very inefficient system to get a visa. There was one long queue for visas but other queues had nobody at them. It takes at least one hour to either drop off or collect a passport. The system could easily be improved by making two queues for visas, to avoid unnecessary frustration for everyone.

Jan 13, 2010

I am a bangoli man and living in london for years. I've helped many of my friends and families to get in touch with the high commission. It's in good location, not hard to find at all.I don't expect a lot from my country. I always look forward, towards the future not at the past.

I hope, others like me will hope and do the same. thanks- Rana.
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