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Fashion Accessory on Oxford Street
020 7495 3308

6 / 10 from 6 reviews
328-330 Oxford Street, Marylebone, London, W1C 1JE
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Mon-Sat 1000-2000
(Thu open 1000-2100)
Sun 1200-1800
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Bond Street 0.14 miles away
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Fossil is a international company specialising in quality genuine leather goods, wristwatches and sunglasses. They also sell a wide selection of accessories, men's wallets, belts, T-shirts and caps.

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Fossil Flagship Oxford Street
Fossil Flagship Oxford Street
Happy with Fossil team
Happy with Fossil team

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London's best jewellery shops picture

London's best jewellery shops

Who doesn't love a bit of bling?

The Australian high street stalwart is known primarily for its watches but it also stocks a healthy range of jewellery. Delicate charms, bracelets and earrings come in a range of materials such as silver, gold, suede and leather at affordable gift-friendly price points.

User Reviews

Kevin Jensen
from Staines-upon-thames

May 30, 2023

I have owned a Fossil Gen 5 watch for about 3 years now. Certainly had problems and occasionally still do. I bought the watch because it is stylish, with lots of options and all the facilities of a digital watch. Ignoring charging issues, the biggest mechanical problem I had was that the back fell off. I thought the watch was supposed to be water and dust resistant. A tin line from a tube of electronic grade silicone sealant did the trick.

The biggest issue I have is changing. The connection is flaky and many times the watch is flat because it wasn't charging when I thought it was. I charge my phone and watch daily so 1+ day or charge is not a big problem for me.

You might think I am unhappy with the watch but you'd be wrong. I am looking at a Gen 6 watch for the same reasons I bought the Gen 5 - elegant design. I now hope hardware fixes and with Wear O/S 3 a lot of the issues are solved. I could talk about the positives a lot longer, but this review is already too long.

Good luck to Fossil. Please pay attention to production quality. As an electronic design engineer, bugs are killers but simple mechanical issues such as broken straps and the back falling off a watch should never happen.
from Barnet

Sep 14, 2019

Rafael at the Fossil shop in Oxford Street gave such fantastic after-sales service a year or so after I bought the watch. My watch strap had broken and he fitted a new one for me, and he also changed the battery at no charge. The staff in this shop are so helpful and friendly.
Rose Harrison
from London

Jan 14, 2014

Watch out for the strict 7 day return policy!

So much harsher than other chains, these days. It's surprising they don't warn people when they sell to them.

After 7 days has passed, even a like for like exchange, for the same item in a different colour will not be considered.

So, if you are thinking of buying a gift for someone, you had better be sure.
from melbourne

Feb 17, 2013

On our last day in the UK before flying home to Australia, shopped in Oxford st, I have been looking for a new wallet for ages since mine was partly broken - love their stuff, the shop was crowded, but the service was good and the leather goods all looked of good quality - now have a great new wallet thanks!

Name: steph
Location: melbourne
Ex-Fossil fan
from London

Apr 20, 2012

We bought a Fossil watch and the metal watchstrap fell apart on the second day; the shop replaced it but after a few days the new watchstrap fell apart at exactly the same place as the first one. Obviously a faulty desigh. Should have a better quality control. We still have not had our money back.

Name: Ex-Fossil fan
Location: London

Jun 19, 2010

fossil bags, wallets and belts are just awesome! I love fossil
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