Capriccio Pizza

Fast Food Delivery at 5, Whitchurch Parade, Whitchurch Lane
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4 / 10 from 5 reviews
Whitchurch Parade
Whitchurch Lane
Town Centre
020 8905 6555
Nearest Station
0.40 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 16:00 - Closes 00:00
Tuesday Open 16:00 - Closes 00:00
Wednesday Open 16:00 - Closes 00:00
Thursday Open 16:00 - Closes 00:00
Friday Open 11:00 - Closes 00:30
Saturday Open 11:00 - Closes 00:30
Sunday Open 11:00 - Closes 00:00

User Reviews

from Stanmore

May 7, 2013

Not sure why so many people slate this place. I order a fiorentina every 2 weeks and its yumm. No complaints. Recommended!!
jay emm
from north london

Mar 10, 2013

Obviously has changed hands. Pizza used to be thin, crispy and fresh, now it's disgusting. Didn't even eat one slice. Would never ever order from here again, they need to change the name because I was expecting "wood fired" pizza and was very disappointed.
from edgware

Mar 30, 2011

We have recently ordered from this place twice and both times the orders have taken over an hour to get to us despite them saying it would be with us in 45 minutes. The toppings on both pizzas were wrong and after calling to complain we were given a can of Fanta as an apology.....really not acceptable. I would definitely not recommend this place to anyone and if you are thinking about ordering from here don't bother, we won't be.

Name: tillykidston
Location: edgware
from london

Mar 5, 2011

After posting a leaflet through my door offering buy one get one free - I decided to call, after ordering I was then informed that the offer did not include the margherita pizza! this was not stated anywhere on the leaflet!
When I mentioned this the man agreed reluctantly to honour it.

After wating 45 minutes I called to see if it was on the way, phone manner was poor and the man hung up!

After waiting over an hour and calling again the same thing happened!

Pizzas arrived eventually - very generous size and decent flavour but not hot and a bit soggy - after the haggling about the offer and having to chase them twice I honestly wouldnt bother ordering from here again.


Name: smith
Location: london

Jan 3, 2010

Amazing pizza place. Buy one get one free. got 2 large 16" pizzas for around 14.95 but for this deal you going to have to poick it up im afraid. still amzing

The Pizzas are a bit thin but still delicious

Peace Out
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