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Hair & Beauty Salon at 222 West End Lane
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222 West End Lane
West Hampstead
020 7435 9703
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Phil Ahern
from Ireland

Jan 26, 2016

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I am so lucky to have chosen Unique Star, Westhamstead to have my hair done for our son's wedding in HTB, london recently. Camilla was my stylist, she is Fantastic. She asked about the occasion, my outfit, setting etc. I brought along the headpiece to have her see it too so she could work with its style. Without doubt, Camilla gave me the best wash & blow dry I have ever got, and it lasted all day, through the celebrations and dancing. I wish she was in my local salon and I'd be so happy to have her work on my hair regularly. She's a talented hair stylist. A gem. I haven't met anyone

Jan 20, 2012

My flatmate and I wouldn't dream of getting our eyebrows threaded elsewhere! I have been to a salon that charged £5 but they over-threaded and my eyebrows ended up too thin. £10 is the right price especially when you consider eyebrow bars in the city charge £17 or even £20. I've always been delighted with the service there; the therapists are lovely and my eyebrows look amazing.

Jul 13, 2011

I'm giving this place 10 stars for excellent service and excellent waxing specialists. I've been going to Unique Star since I moved to London from New York and can say the girls are very friendly and do great body and facial waxes: bikini, hollywood, underarm, and legs. I will commute from Paddington to West End Lane for waxing, because you will not find a more attentative and caring staff. Additionally, the prices are cheaper than anywhere else in central London and you will literally be out in less than 15 minutes. They don't waste your time or your money. I also recommend this place for TANNING, anyone that needs a little light and some color, Unique Star has a few tanning beds and a variety of lotions that work great. Waxing and tanning, 10 stars.

May 19, 2011

I had very bad experience there after having a botox treatment,
I didn't see any change in my face and after speaking (many times) with the "Doctor" said she doesn't have any more botox left!
So, I asked for at least half of my money back, but then I was accused of "harrasment" and was also threatned to be reported to the police.....

I am still in shock from this treatement and dont know what to do!

This "Doctor" also works in one of the beauty spa's in Kilburn, beware dont waste your money!

Not given
from Not given

Mar 7, 2011

Very average service. But probably one of the cheaper options in the neighbourhood.

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Secret Threader

Nov 10, 2010

Threading is an art. I usually spend about £2.50 to a wonderful eyebrow shape from professional threaders who have trained in India – the place from which this beauty treatment originates. So when I saw a huge, eye-catching poster boasting ‘Eyebrow Threading Specialists’ in the window of Unique Star I duly made enquiries within. I was shocked to discover that the cost of threading would be an extortionate £10. However, the salon is right on my doorstep and I thought the combination of ‘Specialist’ and the high cost would mean that the beauticians would know their stuff.

I couldn’t be more wrong. The ‘threading specialist’ barely knew what to do with the thread and resorted to using tweezers and scissors instead. When she showed me the first threaded eyebrow in the mirror I complained that she had completely lost the shape I had come in with, but asked her to do the other one anyway because of course, I wasn’t leaving with only one eyebrow done.

When she had finished I again raised my concerns. They looked bushy, wonky and shapeless. She tried to claim that I had ‘asked for this’ when in fact I had asked for a natural look, as opposed to an exaggerated thin and ‘drawn on’ look.

She instantly told me I still had to pay and said there was nothing that she could do to improve them. I was so disappointed that I cried there and then in the salon.

I of course paid as I left. On my way out I realised that the people who run these sorts of businesses have absolutely no pride in their work and have no concern for customer care.

I would not recommend eyebrow threading at this salon. It pains me that inferior, under-trained businesses such as the Unique Star are dragging the art of threading through the mud. They have no respect for customers and are only interested in making money. Unique Star have merely jumped on the recently fashionable threading bandwagon pioneered by establishments such as Selfridges. However, Selfridges are reputable and employ beautic
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