Hair & Beauty Salon at 289 Lavender Hill
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8 / 10 from 14 reviews
289 Lavender Hill
SW11 1LP
020 7350 1408
Nearest Station
Clapham Junction
0.20 miles
Opening Summary
10am to 8pm from Mon to Fri, Sat from 9:30am to 6:30pm and Sun is closed

Ocean's hairdressers are specialised in hair extensions, tints, highlights, perms and colouring. Our beauty salon is located 1 minute walk from Clapham Junction.

User Reviews

from Battersea London

Apr 29, 2013

Having my hair done at ocean is a great experience and I really look forward to it.

The people that work there are really good fun and are always very friendly and they take a pride in making sure that you are happy with your hair, and always offer you tips and advice and styling ideas.

I have mixed race hair which can be very difficult to manage.

This is by far the best hairdressing saloon I have ever been to and I would recommend it to anyone as they cater for all different hair types.
from London

Apr 28, 2013

I have been going to Oceans for many years and can not fault this salon in any shape or form, Oceans is a very pleasant and polite salon. I would recommend this salon to any one. The staff are very polite and has always made me feel welcome. I am that happy I go to this salon once a week sometimes twice a week. Claudia is the young lady that does my hair and is so passionate in her work just like all the staff at oceans. I am a very fussy person and would recommend any one to go to this salon you will be extremely happy with the extremely high quality of the service service 100 out of 100 :o)
from London

Apr 17, 2013

Just wanted to add a review for this fantastic Hair salon. I went to Ocean to have my hair cut and styled and was made up with the cut, an amazing style, a solution about covering my grey hair with the most natural look possible and most important a great service. I would not hesitate to recommend this salon.
from Sw london

Apr 28, 2012

Went in to get highlights, and i love the results!! Especially as previous salons have always messed my hair up! The staff are really polite and friendly atmosphere..offered drink as soon as i sat down and as soon as my glass/mug was empty. Love my hair and will definately be going back in future!

Name: Tee
Location: Sw london

Mar 23, 2012

I've just been to Ocean, recommended by two friends who have long used them ... I was nervous, am picky about haircuts, and particularly about colour ... I had booked with Enzo. Staff were friendly, offered coffee/tea etc., immediately and sat me down. Enzo was there promptly and spent time discussing what I wanted, discussed and viewed colour charts. A good hair wash by his colleague, and there followed an excellent cut - Enzo is meticulous and careful, very focussed, and it is the best cut I have had in a long time, and an excellent colour with a mix of two low-lights excellently done. He did not rush through it, nor disappear to "chat" to other staff or whatever. (I also learnt how to look after orchids and get them to flower - he does all the ones in the salon himself and they are spectacular.) The salon itself was busy, including a mother with pram, and its a fairly small place with a family atmosphere ... my only slight criticism is that some of the staff did not look quite as groomed (esp hair) as they could have done - it would give a slightly better first impression. But overall the service I went for was excellent, everyone was very friendly and a good service - and a great result.

Nov 16, 2011

I don't normally write reviews (and I categorically have no connections to the owners or staff of this place) but I was really delighted at what I found to be a brilliant service.
Before I even went I found the staff to be genuinely pleasant and really very helpful on the phone, making recommendations & even changing an appointment at the last minute without any fuss at all. When j got there I found my stylist (Georgia, I think she was called) to be pleasant and helpful. Informative without being pushy or coercive with the products they had on offer in particular. Most importantly it was the best cut I've had in a very long time! A real tidy up. I liked the fact that suggestions were made (I usually have vague, rather than strong ideas when it comes to my hair) and I could see the effort going in to make sure the cut was precise and clean looking.
I don't understand the other reviews - some of them sound a bit princessy (who demands to blow dry their own hair at a salon?! Jese - but I'm glad I didn't read them beforehand. I went with a Groupon offer but will happily return and pay full price.
If you want to be over charged for stainless steel, soulless design features and pretentious drinks, go to some swanky place in central (or better still, a bar). If you can live with a salon that doesn't have tropical fishtanks and massage chairs, but more of a "homey" feel and a good old fashioned decent hair cut, then I highly recommend Ocean.

Oct 12, 2011

I bought a Groupon voucher for haircut at Ocean as the salon is close to my house, but I regret this now. The service wasn't great, I wasn't offered anything to drink and the stylist was clearly tired and bored and couldn't wait to finish her job (I was her last appointment of the day). She cut my hair too short when I clearly asked to keep the same lenght. She cut layers without shaping them gradually, so now I have a shapeless hair style, with different lenghts on the right and left sides.
I now have to wait to grow my hair a bit so I can get it fixed by a proper hair stylist!! Very disappointing!

Sep 8, 2011

This place is amazing, they are friendly, professional, they even email you specifically to let you know when your favourite offer is on. They make the best cappuccinos and they offer all sorts of hairdressing services, including hair extension at reasonable prices and very professionally done as well. The service is impeccable!

Sep 8, 2011

Well after reading the two latest reviews, I went with trepidation to Ocean Hair Lavender Hill. I had a great time. I went for a Collexia (Keritin) hair treatment - a Groupon deal. Phoned and was very professionally booked in. Reminded by mobile the day before. Was running a couple of minutes late so called ahead and the Reception was friendly and gave me advice on exact location from Clapham Station. Seen immediately. Treatment/process fully explained and left an hour later with lovely shiny hair. What more can I say! Try them. I wasn't disappointed and I don't believe you will be. I am going again.


Aug 27, 2011

Absolutely horrible experience. I went here for highlights which were applied by the supposedly experienced owner of the salon. He paid no attention to what he was doing, leaving me several times during this for ages on end to go and have a chat with colleagues/other clients he knew. While the highlights were developing, I noticed that some of the foils had opened up, so he came over to check. He went through them and I noticed (not him) that several had leaked, leaving leopard-print splodges of orangey yellow dotted around my head. He attempted to fix this (unsuccessfully) by dabbing on some dark brown dye. You can imagine the result.
After washing my hair, one of the salon girls made a feeble attempt at trying to blow-dry it, rather than trying to untangle it with a brush like any normal person she put about a gallon of hideously sticky product on it, and then got called away to do something else. After waiting ages I asked the owner if I could blow dry it myself, which I did. When I finished he came over, I told him I wasn't happy and pointed out all the leaks. He said it was "spot on" (great choice of words!) and that it was supposed to look like that (really?!?!) and that he couldn't see anything wrong. The whole process took a painful FOUR HOURS, during which time I was offered a drink of water three times and it never came. After the terrible job he did and having to blow dry my own hair, I was offered no discount at all. I queried this and said I really wasn't happy. He got in a foul mood about it and would not take any money off the price or fix the damage. Seriously - do not visit this salon. I now need a MASSIVE glass of wine. Not in a good way.

Jul 9, 2011

I went in for a brazilian blow out. I waited for one hour on a booked appointment, I had three people working on my hair two of whom were inexperienced. They did not even apply the product properly i.e half my hair was still free of the treatment I pointed this out and the manager said he knew what he was doing. I left it to the 'experts'. Then they blow dryed my hair and pulled and tugged on my hair, so much of my hair fell out and my head was hurting by the end of it. during my treatment i moved about 6 chairs unecessarily. They done the treatment in 1.5 hours when really it should take 3-4 hours. I paid 200pounds and left and a half week later washed my hair to find out it was so bad my hair was falling out, the frizz was even worse and my hair was so fine and it changed colour. I was so upset i called in but noone took notice so a week later i went in and they told me i did not have an appointment so they will not see me, i told them i wanted my money back the manager was rude to me and i literally got kicked out the shop. This is by far the worst experience I have had. go to a reputable salon and pay the same have a better service and treatment. This is definitely a no go.

Nov 4, 2010

I booked in for the summer special advertised online (Half-Head of Highlights, cut and blow-dry for £69). The Salon is small, and the service was very friendly. My colourist Debbie wasnt all that talkative, but she was focused on what she was doing and did a fast job of getting the foils in. The colour has come out really nice and matched well with the highlights I already had in there -- she is experienced and knows what she is doing! The cut is really good too. I would recommend this place for sure. Jen

Apr 5, 2010

Great haircut & good service!

Mar 22, 2010

Good haircut,honest prices.No products sale pitch,I recommend it.
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