Hairdresser at 12 Vivian Avenue
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5 / 10 from 8 reviews
12 Vivian Avenue
020 8202 5589
Nearest Station
Hendon Central
0.07 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 09:30 - Closes 19:00
Tuesday Open 09:30 - Closes 19:00
Wednesday Open 09:30 - Closes 19:00
Thursday Open 09:30 - Closes 19:00
Friday Open 09:30 - Closes 19:00
Saturday Open 09:30 - Closes 19:00
Sunday Open 10:00 - Closes 18:30

User Reviews

from Hendon

Feb 26, 2014

I went to get my nails done, refill acrylic and oh my what a disaster. My nails started breaking one after another within a week of doing the re fill. I paid £19 ( much higher than most nail bars) and was left very unhappy.
from HEre

Nov 24, 2013

I had best ever shampoo and conditioning here. cut was ok but il never forget that wash!!
from London

Jun 20, 2013

I go here to get my nails done. The girl who does them is amazing, I've been elsewhere to have shellacs done and none compete! Reasonable price and excellent service.

Mar 15, 2013

Very friendly team,I had my hair coloured, happy with the results.
I would recommend this salon.Oh , yes and the headmassage impressed me.

Oct 7, 2012

My stylist took good care of me, and offered some great advice! I am very happy with my hair colour and would definitely recommend this place!
from Hendon

May 1, 2012

Very friendly place. I'm a guy, with normal length hair, so I don't need anything fancy. If you're after a great haircut, provided with patience and care, this is a great local place.

Name: Andy
Location: Hendon

Apr 6, 2012

I was here to have a full head of highlights for £65. Not only did it took more than 3 hours but the result was not worth waiting for. The highlights turned out to be pretty unnoticeable and I really wasn't happy with my result so after a week or so, I spent another £100 in a better salon re-doing it. The hairdresser in this other salon commented that the highlights were done awfully. What a waste of money!


May 13, 2011

Having very long hair, I went into this salon for a restyle, requesting a sweeping side fringe and about an inch off the length. The layers are uneven, the length much shorten than requested and the styling non existent. The hairdresser offer to cut the fringe shorter when he could see I was at all happy and welded a pair of scissors at me before walking off several time to other clients to indicate that my time was up! My hair is a mess, dry and dull too, the layers are uneven and it's quite a terrible disaster. He left my hair soft and fluffy when I also specifically asked for heavy texture and product. What a mess! I'm going to Brooks and Brooks to sort this out for £65, a small price to pay for talent and creativity. London hairdressers are notoriously bad at both ends of the price spectrum so be warned before popping into this place for a pick me up restyle! Avoid at all costs!
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