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10A Watford Way
020 8202 3646
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Hendon Central
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danny tannen

Feb 6, 2012

Used relay cars for a journey to stanstead refreshing that the driver actually helped with the luggage,was also charged the price that was quoted on the phone anyway arranged my pick up from stanstead with them aswell and will recommend to family and friends..Thank you relay cars and driver 103..

Feb 1, 2012

I use relay cars for airport transfers and general use within my local area or the central london. The cars are always on prompt and on time and I always receive a text with the reg of the drivers car. The drivers are smart and presentable and have excellent english speaking proficiency.

I've recommended relay to friends, family and co-workers who are also extremely satisfied with their service.

The controllers are friendly and always helpful when asking for details.

Jul 19, 2011

I used Relay Cars because they are local and quoted lower than any other cab company.

Unfortunately our experiences of them were not good.

On the first occasion, we booked the cab the day before and asked for a quote. they quoted £8. They arrived on time and we were nor ready.
The driver expressed his impatience by honking his horn, which we do not appreciate.

The driver was rude and he got lost travelling to our destination.
He then asked for £10 instead of £8.
We stated that we'd been quoted £8 and he reluctantly offered £2 change.
We told him to make it £10 as we had kept him waiting and also that we would not use his cmpany again.

(2) Decided to give relay another chance. Booked the cab the day before. This time we were eaiting outside the door at the appointed time but the driver was not on time.
Called the company who said "He's on his way - will be there very soon".
Was sent a text message "Your car (car 126) has arrived", but it hadn't.

I called the company again and reported this. They said he is on his way he is just stuck in a bit of traffic.
Waited a while then 10 mins after the appointed time (we had missed our train by now) we called Relay cars and said we no longer required their minicab.
Made alternative travel arrangements and arrived late at our destination.


Oct 31, 2010

Read a review posted about this minicab company and I wish I could be supportive, but I can't. Went to them yesterday afternoon to ask for a quote to Borehamwood. They suggested I contact them later with a postcode to ensure accurate price (which is fair, I admit). I called at 19:30 and asked for a driver for 20:00 - received the quote (16 pounds) and got ready. Just before 20:00 I went down to wait downstairs for the driver (to save time). At 20:04 received a call from the dispatcher (same guy I spoke to at 19:30 who told me the would be a driver available) called to say the driver would be 5-6 mins late as he was coming from Golders Green. I told him I was already downstairs so he changed the time to 3-4 mins. At 20:12PM still no driver. I Called the company again to say this was really unprofessional and asked for a new "late estimate". The dispatcher misunderstood my question as if I was asking for a discount and said "I can't make the quote lower".

I was really angry and told him to cancel the booking - he didn't even try to apologise and convince me otherwise (as if he didn't really care much!).

Ended up going to another company in Hendon : quote was higher (18 pounds), but I don't really care, as I usually give a tip anyway! (I paid 20 pounds).

It is not always about money ! I can't comment on the driver(s) as he never showed up on time, but I think that really is the problem of the management/dispatcher how they distribute jobs.

Lower prices vs. reliability ??? I think I will go for reliability in the future

May 23, 2010

RELAY cars is very good. I use them all the time and they treat me like a valued customer. Now they have changed their entire appearance to make it look more professional- quite similar to Adisson Lee taxis. But they still keep their low prices. For instance from Hendon to Oxford street is £18 and to Heathrow is £22. So it is definitely worth using. They keep in touch with you and text you when your taxi has arrived instead of searching for the driver all over. They are no longer just a small mini cab company, relay has really grown. The only problem i will say it that some of the drivers can be a bit loose in the head and not all the cars are top notch but overall very very good.
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