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Newsagent at Wimbledon Park Station, 116 Arthur Road
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3 / 10 from 11 reviews
Wimbledon Park Station
116 Arthur Road
Wimbledon Park
SW19 8AA
020 8944 9652
Nearest Station
Wimbledon Park
0.00 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 05:00 - Closes 18:30
Tuesday Open 05:00 - Closes 18:30
Wednesday Open 05:00 - Closes 18:30
Thursday Open 05:00 - Closes 18:30
Friday Open 05:00 - Closes 18:30
Saturday Open 05:00 - Closes 18:30
Sunday Open 05:00 - Closes 14:00

Jay's News sell newspapers and magazines as well as drinks, confectionery and tobacco products. They also sell mobile top-up cards. A local delivery service is provided.

User Reviews

from Wimbledon Park

Jan 7, 2024

I agree with Robert from 2016! The gentleman is wonderful and really helpful when you need to source something he doesn't have in his tiny shop. His shop wasn't open for a while last year because he'd had a heart attack and was in hospital. I understand it can be frustrating if you're dealing with parcels, as most of the unhappy customers are in these reviews, but if you have the time to chat to him, particularly about cricket, and even learn his name your experience could be really different. When our son was being followed home by three intimidating men a few years ago, he doubled back and took shelter there. Great shop which we LOVE using.
Emma Williamson
from London

Sep 20, 2022

This man is sooo rude and miserable he has no manners and the shop is disgusting and filthy. He doesn’t greet you when you walk in or thank you. I only use this place cos I have to for my local evri parcel return - other then that I would never give this guy my custom. Avoid
from Wimbledon Park

Aug 11, 2022

Rude… he changes the rules each visit! Today I’m told he will only accept parcels till 12oc. Last week he told me to step out of the shop and wait because he was so busy, I was the only customer there. Avoid if you can.
from Surrey

Jul 31, 2022

As I go to write my review here I see I’m not the first.
The most ignorant, rude and jobsworth owner. NEVER give him your business, I’m certainly not, ever again. If you don’t have the facility to take on parcels- don’t offer it! Avoid, he doesn’t deserve a buisness
from London

Nov 23, 2021

Really upsetting experience in this shop. An extremely rude man who owns the shop who shouted at me when asking him to help return a parcel. Should not be operating as a parcel shop as he seems to be highly bothered by people asking him to do his job. I will not ever be returning to this newsagent and take my business elsewhere. As others have said the same, I do wonder how this man still operates a customer service business.
from Wimbledon

Nov 1, 2021

REALLY rude staff. Been sent away as he will only accept parcels until 3pm and then changed to 2pm another day.
from Wimbledon Park

Oct 21, 2021

Use this man’s store at your own risk. One of the rudest people I have sadly ever come across. If you go in to collect a Hermes parcel, be prepared to be berated because you’re wasting his time when he’s “trying to run a business”, refuses to hand-over a Hermes parcel that is sat feet away on a shelf because it is after 4pm, demands to know what is inside each parcel before he’s prepared to hand it over, will not take a parcel for return via Hermes (despite this being one of his jobs), is open at random times and not as advertised, and is generally a living incarnation of Victor Meldrew. You have been warned.
from Wimbledon park

Oct 29, 2020

What a horrible man. I had an encounter with this man a couple of years ago and stopped using their services. However I had no choice this time as I was waiting for abdeliver with Hermes, they were the only local delivery site.
However this man is extremely rude and very unpleasant. He had no customer service skills and just horrible.
I will go out that extra mile to use another shop but will NEVER use his services again
from Wimbledon

Sep 2, 2020

Rude staff, wouldn't accept my parcel. Whats the point in listing if you dont accept the post - would not visit again.

Aug 7, 2020

Extremely rude staff. Didn't accept my parcel today as it is a hot day. How ridiculous is that? Stay away
from London

Jun 26, 2020

Never met such rude staff for me being a customer... never will I use this shop again even if there is nothing around. I'd rather walk.
from Wimbledon Park

May 15, 2016

A real part of the local community. Been there for years.
Open all hours. Does Bharat never rest? The best selection of papers and magazines in the area, including the spot-on Private Eye. Long may the shop last.
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