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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 09:30 to 18:00. Thursday 9:30 to 19:09. Saturday 10:00 to. 17: 30.

Independent optometric practice owned by South African qualified optometrist Karen Lockyer. Established 10 years ago KLO provide comprehensive eye examinations including retinal scans which help screen patients for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, retinal tears/ holes, macular degeneration and early signs of tumours. KLO offer 45 minute consultations providing the highest level of patient care. They stock a comprehensive range of designer frames and sunglasses to include Tom Ford, Prada, Gucci and Tag Heuer to name a few. KLO use spectacle lenses from Nikon and Essilor ensuring the best HD vision correction. Rupp & Hupbrach supply their curved sports sunglass lenses. They also fit a large variety of contact lenses including OrthoK, which are vision correcting gas permeable lenses. Karen Lockyer is highly trusted and respected within her field providing industry leading patient care.

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External picture of Karen Lockyer O
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Interior of Karen Lockyer Optometri
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Karen Lockyer Optometrists Picture
Karen Lockyer Optometrists Picture
Karen Lockyer Optometrists Picture

User Reviews

Reviewed by TN from London
I have been coming to Karen for years for my eye sight tests, lenses and frames and would never go anywhere else, (I did..and wasted my money so came straight back to Karen). Karen is thorough, and provides an exceptional service in which she takes her time and really listens to your needs. Her team are very professional and welcoming.
The lenses are expensive, yes, but they are amazing..and for my eyes which have gone through retinal detachment and surgeries, I only want the best..and KL is the best.

Jan 13, 2021
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Reviewed by Peter from SW11
Excellent professional service . Well worth paying the extra for a comprehensive eye examination . Good choice of frames and good after service . Very satisfied with my purchase

Dec 11, 2020
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Reviewed by Tara Jenkins from Clapham
Friendly personable team, thorough testing and excellent advice on choosing frames.

Dec 2, 2020
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Reviewed by D. McCarthy from London
A few years back, I had a recurring problem with one of my eyes which kept flaring-up red/bloodshot. Not satisfied when my cheap and cheerful high street chain optician kept giving me drops for dry-eye, I arranged an appointment with Karen Lockyer for a second opinion.

The very same day, Karen Lockyer sent me along to Moorfield Eye Hospital at St Georges with a referral letter. The hospital informed me I had keratitis - a potentially sight limiting condition if not treated quickly. It took some months and many visits back and forth to the hospital but all is now better.

I cannot recommend Karen Lockyer highly enough.

Karen Lockyer and her team really do look after their customers.

La, who helped me choose a pair of frames on my recent visit, knows instinctively what will/will not suit your face shape. Thank you La - I love my new glasses.

The guarantees they offer, the service they provide, the cleanliness of the store and the equipment are second to none.

I also agree with many other reviewers here - they are not at all pushy!

Nov 16, 2020
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Reviewed by Jon from Clapham
Excellent service; professional, friendly, supportive staff and super efficient. Thank you!

Nov 10, 2020
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Reviewed by Veronica from Wandsworth
I popped into Karen Lockyer looking for new lenses for my glasses. I have a very good expensive pair of frames so all I required were just new lenses! Simon was very professional and friendly and did not try to ‘push’ me into buying a new pair of frames which was a breath of fresh air as lots of opticians refuse to just replace the lenses. The whole process of ordering, sending the frames, returning the finished product took only 3 days. It was seamless and very satisfactory. I will definitely be going back there!

Nov 3, 2020
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Reviewed by William from London
I have always found Karen and her team to be very professional and personable. They do a very detailed examination and the glasses I have received have been always pretty wonderful in that they keep my vision very sharp. In addition, their choice of lenses (I get Nikon) and frames (I get Lindberg) are never a compromise. What more can you say?

Aug 20, 2020
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Reviewed by A Bunbury from Isle of Wight
Fantastic service from a thorough eye test to great help choosing new glasses. Everything was excellent and nothing was too much trouble even in these tricky tunes. Couldn't recommend more highly.

Jul 26, 2020
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Reviewed by Gary B from London
I could not be happier with my new pair of specs from Karen Lockyer. A comprehensive eye exam with full safety protocols during covid cannot be easy, but Karen gracefully managed it with aplomb. Simon’s most helpful front-of-house service kept the whole process enjoyable. We need to support good independent businesses during this challenging time. Don’t hesitate to book yourself in here if you require an eye exam or eyewear.

Jun 25, 2020
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Reviewed by J Kelly from London
Karen is back up and running post lockdown! She and the team have clear health and safety protocols and the whole experience is very well managed-they have put a lot of time and effort to ensure the safety of their customers and it shows. As always, I highly recommend them and right now, it is very important to support our independent stores or they will disappear.

Jun 17, 2020
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Reviewed by Ruth Turner from Battersea
A fantastic service from the whole team. I’ve just been back for more! (This time beautiful prescription sunglasses). Very happy.

Feb 5, 2020
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Reviewed by David Cox from Battersea
I've been trying for half a century to find an optician capable of providing a frame which will really fit my (perhaps unusually shaped) head. This was the first. Infinite patience, diligence and willingness to listen finally delivered perfection. The eye testing was stunning as well. So were the designs. And the whole experience was reassuringly expensive.

Feb 3, 2020
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Reviewed by Reginald Larry-Cole from Surrey
Been using Karen's since 2002, extremely pleased with the service. All positive experiences.

Jul 30, 2019
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Reviewed by Kathryn Jacob from Clapham
Karen and her team go above and beyond to make sure you get the best service, the most suitable glasses and that you are happy. They don't just test your eyes, they monitor your eye health and they geniunely care about their customers. Don't go anywhwere else!

May 13, 2019
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Reviewed by Melissa Parkinson from Twickenham
Karen is an excellent Optometrist, who has lots of experience and whom I completely trust with my vision. Despite my poor eye sight she has always done a thorough examination with all their excellent equipment and provided me with contact lenses and glasses that have a perfect prescription and clear vision. I would go there again and again and despite moving out of London, I still use this optician as there is no where better.

Sep 19, 2017
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Reviewed by Mrs White from London
Karen takes the time you require and is an excellent optometrist. Fantastic, clean facilities and a thorough exam and follow-up is what you will receive. Couldn't recommend higher.

Oct 6, 2016
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Reviewed by Belinda Kembery from Balham
Karen has looked after my eyes for at least 15 years now and I can't recommend her highly enough. A few years ago, my already poor eyesight was deteriorating and she sent me off for further tests which discovered cataracts (I'm only in my forties) and talked me through the various options and surgeons. Then recently I woke with a veil over my vision in one eye, she squeezed me in for an appointment and then rang round for me until she found a surgeon who could see me that afternoon. I had a detached retina and because of her, it was operated on in time and my vision saved. She really knows her stuff, even if you don't have major problems like mine

Jul 18, 2016
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Reviewed by James Brady from Chelsea
I would just like to give a digital thanks for my own experience almost a year ago.

I had a regular check last May and used the Optomap scanner. KLO detected an anomaly on my retina and had me immediately sent to Moorfields eye hospital. I was diagnosed with a very rare and moderately advanced eye cancer. This is the sort of thing that will show up on a scanner but not during my vision checks. I am only 50 so it was even more unexpected. I had surgery and am alive and well today. I would like to thank KLO for recommending the scan and investing in the equipment for we , her patients.

Apr 6, 2014
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Reviewed by Marietta Marker from Kronberg, Germany
Karen has been our family optician for 2 years. She introduced my 9 year old son to EyeDream lenses which are worn overnight so he won't need any glasses during the day and his vision won't deteriorate further. The whole team was very patient, my son needed 3 sessions to learn how to put the lenses in and out. Karen is very thorough with her eye controls and works to a very high standard, she won't stop until she found the perfect solution for you, I cannot praise her highly enough! She was also very helpful when we moved abroad to find a new optician here to continue the night lenses. 10/1

Feb 11, 2014
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Reviewed by Vanessa Barnett from Battersea
A real top quality outfit. I have over the last 15 years or so been a user of Karen Lockyer and have always been very happy. KL takes excellent care of their clients: you get an optician who remembers who you are, who understands what you like/don't like and who will fine tune your eyesight care. This isn't dishing out glasses/contacts by numbers, this is genuine care and attention to your eyes and how you, as an individual, use them. I really cannot recommend KL highly enough, professional, friendly and a nice bunch of people. when I have gone elsewhere, I soon come running back!

Feb 8, 2014
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Reviewed by Francis Reid
I've been a customer for nearly ten years. Karen, and her staff, provide a great service and pride themselves on knowing their customers. I use their monthly payment plan which as well as evening out costs gives you access to as much professional time as you need. When new products come along, you can try them before deciding to change. A great customer focused small business that a 'High Street' needs. Try them.

Oct 10, 2013
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Reviewed by Andy Green from London
Fantastic range of frames . I love my Maui Jim sunnies

Oct 9, 2013
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Reviewed by Anonymous from London
Whilst I cannot fault the service I received when I went for a sight test and contact lens check, I think the staff are misinformed about the costs involved and gave me some very misleading information which led me to believe that prices were cheaper than they actually are. It's an incredibly expensive service and I can get exactly the same service for half the price at my previous opticians! I will be going back to them I'm afraid.

Sep 10, 2013
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Reviewed by Katrina Phillips from London
I have been going to Karen Lockyer's since 2006. I have both glasses and contact lenses and they have been brilliant in helping me choose the correct glasses that suit me and my prescription. When I chipped one of the lenses they were fantastic in getting it resolved quickly. Karen has been great at helping me find the right contact lenses to suit my lifestyle and prescription and updates me on the latest developments in technology if she feels I would benefit. I cannot recommend them enough.

May 31, 2013
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Reviewed by Zoe Page
Karen is brilliant. She completely saved me by giving me quite specialised lenses when i'd all but given up finding them. The team are friendly and efficient and nice to you and Karen is just lovely. I don't normally take the time to write recommendations unless the people in question are exceptional and this optometrist is. I now have perfect vision which was painless and easy and there's also the bonus that it's not a horrible big corporate but an independent who are clearly passionate about putting the customer first.

Jan 4, 2012
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Reviewed by ChrisMc
I was very unhappy with the service I was getting from a certain high street chain of "opticians" and booked an appointment with Karen Lockyer last year. Two days later I was downstairs being checked out on the machines and the day after that Karen called me and insisted I drop everything and go to outpatients at Moorfields. A couple of weeks after that I was in hospital being operated on for a tumour in my eye which she had found & the other guys had missed. Obviously I'm completely biased as she almost certainly saved my life but I can't praise Karen and her team highly enough. They offer a very personal, thorough and professional service and they have already had visits from many of my friends and family.....

Jul 11, 2011
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Reviewed by Debbieh
By far the most thorough eye test and eye health check I have ever had. My contact lens are so comfortable I forget they are there. The staff were friendly and professional and Karen was very patient while I tried virtually every lens available, eventually I settled on the first one she had recommended. I have no hesitation sending family and friends there as I know that they will receive the best possible care, I personally will never set foot in a high street chain again.

Jul 11, 2011
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Reviewed by Laurasweetpee
I attended an appointment at this optometrist recently for an Optomap and eye test. I was so impressed by their friendly and helpful team. They were extremely patient throughout and Karen the optometrist spent a great deal of time answering my many questions and providing much needed reassurance. I was also met with much enthusiasm and helpful advice whilst I proceeded to try on over half of their vast range of frames on display only to pick the very first pair I had tried! I have already recommended this optometrist to a number of my friends and family :-)

Jul 4, 2011
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Reviewed by pattycakes
I was very impressed with my eye test and found it extremely thorough. I felt totally relaxed and had all questions I asked answered in full.
I was given lots of helpful advice when choosing my frames and the staff were all so friendly and welcoming.
I have recommended Karen Lockyer to all my friends and family and am looking forward to collecting the glasses I chose.

Jun 30, 2011
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Reviewed by shelly_mc
A friend recommended this optometrists to me. From the moment I walked in I was impressed with their professionalism and excellent customer service. The optometrist took her time to give me a thorough eye examination and I didnt feel at all rushed - a complete contrast to previous appointments I've had at a high street chain store. A customer service rep helped me choose a pair of glasses and was very patient with me whilst I tried on loads of frames. I am very happy with my glasses and with the friendly staff there and will def go back again.

Jun 18, 2011
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Reviewed by Reviewer1116
They have a lovely website and provides an impression of first class Opticians. But bewarned of their pricing which is mis-leading, as well as the product you may receive may not be a genuine product. This Optician seems to care about themselves first and unfortunately customer comes second and they are always right. Not recommended if you are looking for a genuine and trusting optician.

Oct 6, 2010
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