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Tailor at 66 Cleveland Street
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66 Cleveland Street
020 7323 6757
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Warren Street
0.21 miles
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Mon-Sat 10-6 pm

Paul Kitsaros offers a bespoke tailoring service for men and women. They also provide an alteration service.

User Reviews

from London

Jun 29, 2017

Took a jacket to be relined. One which Paul had made a few years ago.

The job was terrible - in the end I had to pay someone else to try and sort it out.

It took 7 weeks complete the relining. The arms were not done as agreed (the old material was reused), the stitching was appalling quality and much of it came undone after the first wear (arms detached from the lining), pockets were not redone etc etc. The place i took to repair it said it was categorically the worst relining of a jacket they had ever seen.

This is my opinion. I am writing this so that other people do not throw away good money. Would not recommend for any aspect of tailoring
from London

Dec 25, 2012

To date, I have had one suit and two jackets made by Paul. He has a broad range of high quality cloth to choose from and cuts a flattering structured jacket. The trousers were less flattering but nicely made in a more traditional cut. The bespoke jackets are priced at around £800, take about three weeks to complete and feel great to wear, whether open or closed.
Overall a positive experience for me and I would recommend Paul if this is your price range. He also seems like a nice guy.

Name: Patrick
Location: London

Sep 24, 2010

Left some trousers here to be fixed up - relatively small job. Dropped them in there 2 weeks ago - called last week to see when they would be ready and the man said Monday. went in there Thursday to pick up, the assistant said he didn't know which ones they were and that I should "look through the pile" to see if I could find them. Found them...exactly the same as when I took them in 2 weeks ago! So useless. Considering I called in advance aswell.

May 20, 2010

Paul kitsaros Bespoke Tailor

Mr Kitsaros is a high quality bespoke tailor, maintaining his business in the West End of London for the past 30 years.

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