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Unisex Hairdresser at 165 Brent Street
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9 / 10 from 6 reviews
165 Brent Street
020 8202 7866
Nearest Station
Hendon Central
0.49 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Tuesday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Wednesday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Thursday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Friday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Saturday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Sunday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00

User Reviews

Vera Krasimirova
from Hendon, London

Dec 30, 2022

Worst hairdresser I’ve ever met and the worst haircut I’ve ever had in my life. Irregular, with no shape and the first layer starts at the level of my eyebrows, which means that it will take me at least a year to recover (been ashamed to go out for six months now and using wigs) The outcome of cutting my hair by myself was way better than this, and at least was free. I wish I could upload a picture of the disaster that was done to my long hair.

Update: When trying to complain about the disaster that was done to my hair in the hours when the salon is supposed to be opened, it was always closed, I went 3 times, I called many with no reply. I am a worker and I can’t go everyday to see which one is my lucky day.

When finally I’m able to reach this person, he replies me in such a horrible and rude way that he can’t accept claims for something done 3 weeks ago (when I told him that I tried to reach him long time ago). He does not want to hear anything else and he hangs up the phone.

After this rude attitude I’m going physically to the salon again, he was there. And again he tells me that he does not want to hear anything from me, and that I should contact a solicitor (which is my next step).

Then he tells me to do not come back to his salon, because he does not want costumers like me. (Being I so polite at all times), which was a clear discrimination. As a client who has his hair destroyed I have all the right to complain, without this rude manners and discriminative attitude.
This person is a bad hairdresser and a worst person
Gena Miculi
from London

Apr 27, 2022

I was so scared to have my hair highlighted as I've never dyed my hair before and OMG to say the least - I was SUPER happy! I would definitely, definitely recommend. They are the best and I will NEVER, EVER go anywhere else.
Response from Lawrence Owner
Thank you Genna. Always a pleasure to do your hair

Jun 28, 2022

Evie Kay
from Hendon, London

Oct 1, 2013

Lawrence is a terrific hairdresser and colourist. Ever since accidentally stumbling upon this hairdresser, I've had consistently lovely cuts and colour which is particularly great as I have very frizzy, problematic hair. Highly recommended.
from Hendon

Apr 22, 2013

Just got back from Lawrence Hairdressers sporting an amazing new hair-do! Lawrence is a lovely man who really really listens to what you want and his care and attention to detail is great, it's the first time I've left a hairdresser without a throbbing head (from hot water, rough handling and a scolding hairdryer!) and a hair cut that's way to short. I've never been to the same hairdressers twice but will definitely be going back here.
from Hertford

Jan 9, 2013

I agree with the previous commenter. I have the most awful hair possible (thin, brittle, flyaway, impossible to style) and in my 41 years on earth I have never encountered a hairdresser that could handle it - until I came across Lawrence 4 years ago. I used to live near his salon but have since moved 25 miles away - and gladly drive in to have him do my hair. He is that rarest of hairdressers - someone who does exactly what you ask him to, and that to the highest possible standard.

Name: Mariette
Location: Hertford

Jul 28, 2010

In my opinion Lawrence is the best hairdresser in London. You may have to travel to get to his salon, but believe me it will be worth it. Any nearer into town and you would be paying MEGA bucks for this sortof treatment. Fantastic guy and fantastic service ... jokes are a bit ropey though :O)
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