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Hope this is the right thread to start this topic.
I'm planning to go to the Oasis gig on Friday 17th october,but I'd be getting on the tube late at night to get back to waterloo.The gig's at wembley so the tube will be busy after won't it?I don't really want to get on an empty tube,plus I'll be by myself.I'm probably worrying too much but tbh i don't go to London that often and if anything goes wrong my parents will kill me.
Cheers (:
Posted: 2008-10-06 18:26:09
krunchie frog
Don't worry, plenty or people will be saring that tube to waterloo with you after a gig at wembley :) As always on a crowded tube, keep an eye on valuables, and don't flash your phone around.
Posted: 2008-10-06 21:16:17
thanks!feel reassured now (:
Posted: 2008-10-08 22:34:45
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