Looking Glass Cocktail Club Launches New Cocktail Menu

Inspired by tales and myths from around the world
Looking Glass Cocktail Club Launches New Cocktail Menu picture

Looking Glass Cocktail Club celebrates the launch of its new Fables & Tales Autumn/Winter menu from 17th October. The team have mixed up a storm in the laboratory to create a molecular drinks menu, designed by industry legends Olesia Postnova and Lee Baker.

The new menu celebrates well-known tales, myths and fables from around the world; each providing inspiration for a cocktail. Comprising 13 inventive cocktails, each is designed using key regional ingredients, with a tale reflected in each signature serve.

Enjoy a tipple with the Tin Man in a balloon of smoke as he travels through (The Wizard of) Oz, in a balloon of smoke or venture to Japan and sample Momotarō’s golden peach.

Slip into something comfortable with Puss in Boots featuring a re-distilled Amaro, or perhaps quaff from a golden egg at the top of a beanstalk.

Looking Glass Cocktail Club is a stalwart amongst East London’s buzzing bar scene with its unique cocktails, mesmerising late night music and eclectic performing arts, for discerning drinkers and hedonists alike. The cocktail bar carefully curates a welcoming environment for Londoners looking for early, or late-night fun.

The cocktail list is as follows:

Tin Man Tipple (Inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, US)
Blanco tequila, Lion’s Mane, Hay liquor, smoke

Peach Boy (Momotarō, Japan)
Hakushu Japanese whisky, umeshu sake, peach distillate

Mr Wolf (Little Red Riding Hood, Russia)
Absolut vodka, Konik’s Tail, dill, beetroot & honey foam

Trickery in Stripes (The Sun and the Moon from Peru/Inca Empire)
Pisco, orange blossom water, lemon

Voodoo Spirit (The White Witch of Rose Hall, Jamaica)
Blend of Plantation rums, Havana 3, coffee and Jamaican chocolate

Disco Beans (Jack and the Beanstalk, UK)
Plymouth Gin, Sherry, lemon

Crafty Kitty (Puss in Boots, Italy)
Redistilled Amaro, wild oregano cordial, soda

Woolly Peril (Mongán's Frenzy, Ireland)
Jameson Irish whiskey, Ban Poitin, rye bread syrup, Guinness foam, oaked ginger wine

Goes Around, Comes Around (The Legend of the White Snake, China)
Beefeater gin, gunpowder and jasmine cordial

Prophecy Fulfilled (Why the Sky is Far Away, Nigeria)
Havana 3, eucalyptus, candied oregano

Slither & Rock (The Rainbow Serpent, Aboriginal Australia)
Shiraz gin, lemon, wattleseed wine reduction

The Princess (The Ramayana, India)
Black cardamom ghee infused Beefeater gin, chai masala vermouth, cinnamon almond milk

Amber Tears (Jūratė and Kastytis, Lithuania)
Martell VS brandy, pine mead, lemon, soda

Looking Glass Cocktail Club, 49 Hackney Road, London, E2 7NX

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Published Oct 20, 2023