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Just one and a half miles south east of Central London, Southwark or ‘the Borough’ as it is often known, is located immediately south of London Bridge.

Huge amounts of money have been poured into Southwark’s regeneration, resulting in one of London’s most successful transformations. Southwark’s proximity to the docks meant an influx of workers to the area during the 19th century, resulting in tremendous overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and disease. The slums were demolished and Southwark is now one of London’s top destinations thanks to the Tate Modern, foodie paradise Borough Market, the Old Vic and Shakespeare’s Globe, with an array of watering holes and restaurants to boot. The South Bank is a stone’s throw away and unsurprisingly the area is replete with trendy apartment blocks. However, despite its shiny new makeover Southwark still has one of the highest rates of child poverty in London.

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1001 Afternoons with Wycliffe Mundopa
Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, 2 Melior Place, London

Electronic Theatre
Arch 3, 83 Scoresby Street, London

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The Gladstone Arms
[Shopping & Retail]
Shortwave Cinema Bar & Cafe

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Local Shops

Clothes & Fashion [79 businesses listed]

Food & Drink [558 businesses listed]

Health & Beauty [215 businesses listed]

Home & Garden [132 businesses listed]

Shops & Amenities [466 businesses listed]

Taxis & Transport [68 businesses listed]

Shopping Streets

Abbey Street [9 shops]
Addington Street [1 shop]
Alaska Street [1 shop]
America Street [3 shops]
Avonmouth Street [1 shop]
Bank End [2 shops]
Bankside [7 shops]
Barge House Street [57 shops]
Barnham Street [2 shops]
Bartholomew Street [6 shops]
Bear Lane [2 shops]
Bedale Street [6 shops]
Belvedere Road [6 shops]
Bermondsey Square [3 shops]
Bermondsey Street [53 shops]
Blackfriars Road [19 shops]
Borough High Street [92 shops]
Borough Market [2 shops]
Borough Road [5 shops]
Brad Street [2 shops]
Braganza Street [1 shop]
Brandon Street [1 shop]
Burrell Street [3 shops]
Canvey Street [3 shops]
Casino Avenue [1 shop]
Cathedral Street [1 shop]
Charlie Chaplin Walk [4 shops]
Clements Road [2 shops]
Clink Street [6 shops]
Colombo Street [3 shops]
Copper Row [7 shops]
Cornwall Road [9 shops]
County Street [2 shops]
Crucifix Lane [6 shops]
Dockhead [11 shops]
Dolben Street [3 shops]
Druid Street [11 shops]
Duke Street Hill [4 shops]
Dunton Road [13 shops]
Elephant & Castle [94 shops]
Elephant Road [1 shop]
Ewer Street [7 shops]
Fenning Street [1 shop]
Flat Iron Square [1 shop]
Gainsford Street [2 shops]
Grange Road [21 shops]
Great Dover Street [5 shops]
Great Guildford Street [3 shops]
Great Maze Pond [2 shops]
Great Suffolk Street [34 shops]
Green Dragon Court [4 shops]
Hampton Street [11 shops]
Hardwidge Street [1 shop]
Harper Road [17 shops]
Hatfields [8 shops]
Holland Street [2 shops]
Hopton Street [6 shops]
Horselydown Lane [5 shops]
Humphrey Street [5 shops]
Isabella Street [1 shop]
Joiner Street [2 shops]
Kennington Road [1 shop]
Keyworth Street [5 shops]
King James Court [1 shop]
King's Bench Street [1 shop]
Kings Bench Street [1 shop]
Kings Head Yard [2 shops]
Kipling Street [2 shops]
Lambeth Road [4 shops]
Lant Street [4 shops]
London Bridge Station [17 shops]
London Bridge Street [6 shops]
London Bridge Walk [5 shops]
London Road [21 shops]
Long Lane [14 shops]
Lower Road [1 shop]
Magdalen Street [1 shop]
Maltby Street [7 shops]
Marshalsea Road [3 shops]
Mepham Street [3 shops]
Middle Yard [1 shop]
Mill Street [6 shops]
Montague Close [6 shops]
More London Place [11 shops]
Morgans Lane [3 shops]
New Globe Walk [1 shop]
New Kent Road [37 shops]
Newcomen Street [1 shop]
Newington Butts [9 shops]
Newington Causeway [10 shops]
Old Kent Road [155 shops]
Ossory Road [6 shops]
Pages Walk [4 shops]
Park Street [11 shops]
Parkers Row [1 shop]
Pilgrimage Street [4 shops]
Queen Elizabeth Street [17 shops]
Railway Approach [54 shops]
Redcross Way [8 shops]
Riley Road [5 shops]
Rochester Walk [1 shop]
Rockingham Street [1 shop]
Rolls Road [1 shop]
Roper Lane [1 shop]
Roupell Street [1 shop]
Rushworth Street [2 shops]
Sandell Street [1 shop]
Scoresby Street [3 shops]
Shad Thames [20 shops]
Snowsfields [9 shops]
South Bank [6 shops]
Southwark [1 shop]
Southwark Bridge [1 shop]
Southwark Bridge Road [25 shops]
Southwark Street [46 shops]
St. Georges Circus [2 shops]
St. Georges Road [8 shops]
St. James's Road [9 shops]
St. Thomas Street [23 shops]
Stamford Street [9 shops]
Stoney Street [18 shops]
Sumner Street [8 shops]
Tabard Street [11 shops]
Talbot Yard [1 shop]
Tanner Street [4 shops]
The Cut [18 shops]
The Grange [1 shop]
The Queen's Walk [2 shops]
Tooley Street [32 shops]
Tower Bridge [3 shops]
Tower Bridge Road [89 shops]
Trinity Street [7 shops]
Union Street [26 shops]
Upper Ground [20 shops]
Walworth Road [12 shops]
Waterloo Road [23 shops]
Waterloo Station [4 shops]
Webber Street [9 shops]
Weston Street [4 shops]
Willow Walk [2 shops]
Wootton Street [2 shops]

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