The Real China

Chinese Restaurant in Hounslow
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2 / 10 from 5 reviews
1-5 Staines Road
Town Centre
020 8572 5688
Nearest Station
Hounslow Central
0.17 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 11:30 - Closes 15:30
Open 17:30 - Closes 22:30
Tuesday Open 11:30 - Closes 15:30
Open 17:30 - Closes 22:30
Wednesday Open 11:30 - Closes 15:30
Open 17:30 - Closes 22:30
Thursday Open 11:30 - Closes 15:30
Open 17:30 - Closes 22:30
Friday Open 11:30 - Closes 15:30
Open 18:00 - Closes 23:00
Saturday Open 12:00 - Closes 16:00
Open 18:00 - Closes 23:00
Sunday Open 12:00 - Closes 22:00

The Real China serves traditionally authentic Chinese cuisine with all the ingredients being freshly prepared and very carefully selected.

User Reviews

from Hounslow

Apr 26, 2014

Went there against all bad reviews, looked at the menu and saw lunch buffet offer (12pm) but i was told it is not being served so i went for a more expensive alternative. I was given a tiny plastic box and then proceeded to the food section. Majority of the food was cold and looked very distasteful. I picked 4 most plain dishes i could find. All cold. I think i paid more for the plastic box than the food. Avoid.
from Wales

Mar 25, 2013

Really dreadful food. I should have looked at feedback before I came. Restaurant that charges you before you go in and see the food tells you everything you need to know.
from London

Mar 22, 2013

This shouldnt even be called a restaurant. Firstly staff are SO rude and you oay before you even eat? . The plates where dirty and chipped. The food was disgusting,how the can call it a chinese restaurant is a joke as itsnot even chinese. Half the food that is on the menu isnt even served. I ate a few mouth fulls if noodles and a piece if chicken, WHICH WAS UNCOOKED. when i complained the rude member of staff immedietly refused to refund me and told me if i had a problem i should have reported it in the first 5mins. I left the restaurant furious and then was violently sick. NEVER EVER GO HERE
from London

Jan 29, 2011

I have been to this restaurant several times and not once did I see empty buffet trays. Most times we go during the day, but on one occasion we had a birthday celebration of about 10/12 persons, and as always the food was delicious and such a wide selection too. The service was also good.

Name: MrJAJelly
Location: London

Aug 6, 2009

This place was absolutely and utterly appalling. Feel totally ripped off, I am still angry after a couple of hours.
Never in my life have I felt so ripped off. I walked in at 9pm with my girlfriend and proceeded to order drinks and start selecting food from the buffet. A lot of the food containers were empty, so I thought they would make some more, this is usually the case in most buffets I have been to previously. Anyway, after 20 minutes, I asked the waiter if there were going to bring more food out, he said no. I was not happy and proceeded to tell him so, demanding either more food or a discount. He just laughed and walked off. I was very angry at this point. After composing myself for a few moments, I approached the manager and asked him whats happening, are they going to bring more food out or offer me a discount. He was instantly very rude and said it was my responsibility to ask him if they were going to bring more food out. Excuse me, but I have worked in restaurants before, and it is never the customers responsibility to ask anything like that. It is the restaurants responsibility to inform the customer about any changes, or if the advertised menu was not fully available etc. Realistically, less than 1/3 of the food containers had any food in them, and even those were almost empty.
They fail to take responsibility for not having much food available, pointing out there was enough food for 20 people. There maybe was enough food for 5 people, but only if they were intent on eating only veg spring rolls and chicken satay skewers. If I wanted that I would have got that fresh from a take away.
anyway, I told the manager that as it was only 9pm, I expected there to be fresh food coming out, he told me they close it 10pm. No one told me. I told them that if they close at 10pm, I should have been informed that no new food was coming out, he said it was not profitable to make more food as no new customers were coming. My reaction was just ”!!!!!!!”
Anyway, apart
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