F Cooke

English Restaurant in Shoreditch
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8 / 10 from 5 reviews
150 Hoxton Street
N1 6SH
020 7729 7718
Nearest Station
0.19 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 10:00 - Closes 19:00
Tuesday Open 10:00 - Closes 19:00
Wednesday Open 10:00 - Closes 19:00
Thursday Open 10:00 - Closes 19:00
Friday Open 09:30 - Closes 20:00
Saturday Open 09:30 - Closes 20:00
Sunday Closed

F Cooke is a restaurant that serves traditional English food such as pies and mashed potato.

User Reviews

Lyn Johnson
from Frinton on Sea Essex

Mar 11, 2017

Gawd blimey guv its a pie n mash shop not a top notch eatery up ya west end. It was the staple diet of many a Eastender growing up in the 60's as I did and, my kids were brought up on it too starting with mash and liquor till they could chew the pies. Saturday afternoon down Kingland Rd in Dalston wouldn't have been the same without pie n mash. Real shame they retired, old ma Cooke was a real dragon lol and her sons used to behead and chop the eels out front of shop so you could watch them.Happy days

Mar 29, 2009

I am a professional from the West End and have impeccable taste, and that's why I drive a Bentley. The fellow with the negative review obviously is not a Londoner or is not English. That aside, I believe that for a traditional lover of Pies and Mash F. Cooke is heaven on earth. It is THE Savoy of Pie Shops. And oh, don't you forget trying their melt in your mouth jellied Eels! To die for! A quintessentially English establishment for the devoted Anglophile!

Viva F.C. Cooke!

Nov 27, 2008

Have not had pie & mash for years, after visiting this establishment I reasised why.

I hope sincerely hope this place picks up as I can't see it lasting much longer.

Sep 21, 2008

I visited this Restaurant after reading your comments, I found it to be OK, nothing to rave about, I would visit again only if I was absolutely starving.

Sep 13, 2008

having been there many times the quality of food has never changed , fab surroundings great stafff and the whole set up is just as a pie and mash shop should be.
Got to know the owners quite well, and they are so professional with their work it is quite amazing, everyone who likes pie and mash must certainly try hoxton.
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