Drink the most London cocktail ever: The Bacon and Egg Martini

The perfect breakfast tipple, surely
This must try is connected to: The Covent Garden Cocktail Club

If ever you needed an excuse to start drinking cocktails before 11am, the London Cocktail Club’s famous Bacon and Egg Martini is it. Just think how well this would go with a round of white buttered toast, fried mushrooms, black pudding and a builders’ tea chaser!

Firmly planted at the weirder end of the scale of London’s most obscure drinks, the London Cocktail Club have mastered the trend for savoury cocktails by pairing two elements that never get old. Including bacon infused Jack Daniels, one egg white, maple syrup, lemon juice and bitters, the Bacon and Egg Martini is the classiest way to drink breakfast at dinner. And best of all – it comes with a salty pancetta crisp to garnish.

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