Have a Moroccan hammam all to yourself

Get your kit off and have a scrub down
This must try is connected to: Harrods, Knightsbridge

In Morocco the hammam is an integral part of life. Not only is it a fantastic way to cleanse the skin and relax, it’s also the Moroccan equivalent of the public house: this is where people catch up on the latest gossip, albeit semi-nude and minus alcohol.

Harrods’ Urban Retreat may have little in common with the traditional hammam – furnished with in luxurious marble and with super-soft robes for you to wear – but they do follow the typical ritual of a scrub with black olive soap, exfoliation and a steam room session. Their signature package also includes scalp massage, hair washing, and a traditional stretching massage; better still, you can book a private suite with comfy sofas, a TV and complementary snacks all to yourself. Take five friends and a two hour treatment will only set you back £70 each.

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