Twists on mac 'n' cheese in London

Life's about to get really good for you

If you thought Macaroni Cheese was simply "Macaroni" and "Cheese", then you've been living under a monumental misapprehension and have, hitherto, been living your life at around 30% capacity.

Well lucky for you, you've found this list and can now live out the rest of your days enlightened...

We promise: skies will be bluer, birds will sing that much sweeter and your cheesy pasta will also contain bacon bits, some short rib and maybe even jerk sauce.

Go. Go and live...

Avenue image
7-9 St. James's Street SW1A 1EE
Green Park 0.20 miles

American-inspired Avenue may be a high end restaurant in St. James's, however they're a dab hand at comforting carb-heavy treats. They take humble mac 'n' cheese one step further over the junk food scales by cutting it up into finger-sized portions, coating them in bread and deep frying till golden, resulting in London's only macaroni cheese crisps.

Bubbledogs image
70 Charlotte Street W1T 4QG
Goodge Street 0.08 miles
Opening Times

There doesn't seem to be anything these hotdog experts haven't experimented with yet. The Mac Daddy has a juicy sausage covered with macaroni and cheese, bacon and crispy onions. It's fairground food by excellence, but washed down with grower champagnes.

The Bayou Soul image
The Bayou Soul
20 Inverness Street NW1 7HJ
Camden Town 0.07 miles
Restaurant & Bar

This Creole all-day eatery has no less than four versions of mac 'n' cheese. Get it topped with chunks of pulled pork, with slices of sausage and bacon, as a veggie option with leek and courgette, or get the seafood pie made with lobster and crawfish.

Riding House Cafe image
Riding House Cafe
43-51 Great Titchfield Street W1W 7PQ
Oxford Circus 0.24 miles
Cafes & Tea Rooms
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At Riding House Cafe they transform macaroni cheese into a fritter by layering it with tomato sauce and deep frying. They balance it out in the healthy stakes by serving it with a salad of peas and shaved fennel.

Rabot 1745 image
Rabot 1745
2-4 Bedale Street SE1 9AL
London Bridge 0.14 miles

Chocolate doesn't seem like the most likely pairing for macaroni cheese, but the chefs at Rabot 1745, run by Hotel Chocolat, will add chocolate into the mix of pretty much everything, to surprisingly good effect. Their take on mac 'n' cheese comes baked in a savoury cacao nib pastry.

Dirty Bones Carnaby image
Dirty Bones Carnaby
Kingly Court Carnaby Street W1B 5PW
Oxford Circus 0.22 miles

The Mac Daddy at Dirty Bones pairs a succulent short rib burger with BBQ sauce and ladles of macaroni cheese. It all dribbles out of the bun and inevitably down your chin - it's gargantuan, greasy, and hangover-busting.

MEATliquor image
Unit 12 Market Row SW9 8LD
Brixton 0.07 miles

From the same team as MeatLiquor, the speciality here may be the chicken but they've found space on their menu for their own twist on mac 'n' cheese. You'll find it in the form of breaded, deep fried croquettes filled with gooey, cheesey macaroni, coated in marinara sauce.