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If like me, summer of sun, sea and chlorine has left your locks in a less than desirable condition, you might need to reach past the pot of deep conditioner for something a little more hardcore. In recent weeks masks and overnight treatments just haven't quite cut it, so when I was invited to Mayfair's [/b]One2One Hair[/b] to try out a restoring dose of their PLEXment treatment I jumped at the chance.

The PLEXment treatment (£85 for 60 minutes) is a three step journey designed to smooth and repair the hair; there's also a Relaxing PLEXment (£180 for 120 minutes) which additionally relaxes hair for up to two months.

The PLEXment bonding system contains 18 kinds of Amino acids, each corresponding to different layers of the hair structure from inside to outside. It manages to smooth and repair hair without changing the structure, so the ideal solution for getting frizz under control without actually straightening the hair, meaning it also works well on curls.

It works by using a climazone to activate the synergy effect of Fullerene’s anti-oxidative potency and Dicarboxylate’s bonding power for long lasting hair repair.

It couldn't be simpler. The treatment is applied to dry hair, activated by heat - cue a cosy session under the heat lamp - before being rinsed out and the final step applied before being shampooed and conditioned. After a swift blow dry my hair looked like that of a different woman; where I'd walked in with a frizzy, sun-bleached bouffant, within an hour I was one again the proud owner of a swishing, glossy mane that didn't feel like it could snap at any given moment. To top up at home with a daily dose, there's also a PLEXment Shampoo (£19) and Conditioner (£22) available to purchase at the salon. Three weeks later and it's still looking great, not to mention heavenly scented thanks to the dreamy fragrance.

The salon's talents don't stop there however, as they also offer a unique digital perming and straightening service, developed by owner Christian Toth.

Digital perming uses a refined chemical process compared to the perms of old, along with digital control, so the treatment thermally reconditions the hair, giving it body, volume and texture. Whether you're seeking a subtle boho wave or an intense corkscrew curl, the result can last up to six months dependent on hair type.

It's not just for poker straight hair; those with coarse, frizz prone curls can turn to this to smooth and relax their hair for more manageable waves and the same process can also be used to straighten naturally curly hair.

For more information on the digital perming service visit

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Sep 16, 2019 in Luscious London by Laurel
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