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It looks like summer is FINALLY here (HALLELUJAH) and if you're anything like me, with it comes all manner of hair woes. While in winter have central heating frizz and dryness to contend with, summer can bring with it greasy locks, sun damage and if you're not careful chlorine damage if you're a fan of a lido. 

Help is at hand thanks to The Hair Boss, a.k.a. Lisa Shepherd; the most-awarded and profiled colourist in the UK knows a thing or two about keeping colour looking fresh. Lisa’s created a mix-and-match collection of haircare that is more than just cleaning and conditioning; we have a dedicated regime for our skin, so why should our hair be any different? Realising clients often had more than one issue with their hair, she set about formulating a range that tackles what's needed, when, all developed and tested by Lisa in her salon.

I've been trying out a few items from the range, including The Scalp Scrub (£7.99), a powerful pre-shampoo scrub to get rid of dandruff and product build up. It's full of chunky salt, removes dirt leaving the scalp feeling squeaky clean and is a great budget alternative to the pricey Christophe Robin version. The Balayage Shampoo (£7.99) is great for those who suffer from greasy roots but dry ends; it's enriched with key ingredients such as Salicylic acid, this gentle shampoo helps to restore the scalp’s natural balance, leaving it fresh and revitalised.

The Body Building Foam Conditioner (£8.99) is designed to add body to limp and lifeless hair and is a lightweight, volumising formula enriched with Shea Butter and Argan Oil. It's the only product I didn't love, purely because I felt my hair needed a little more. It's very long and I generally use a good handful of conditioner with each wash to rid it of the tangles, so it just wasn't quite enough for me. I do think however beauty products are totally subjective, so if you have fine hair that doesn't usually need loads of conditioning, give it a go.

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Jun 6, 2021 in Love London by Laurel