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Does anyone else experience that blin panic when the sun suddenly comes out and your realise your legs are looking like two slightly prickly gammon hocks leftover from Christmas? If summer has taken you by surprise, help is at hand in the form of Legology.

Developed by former beauty journalist Kate Shapland, Legology is a brand dedicated to keeping your legs in tip top shape, offering inclusive support for leg shape, comfort and health. Working with a French chemist on the formulas and perfume hour Robertet on the elegant signature scent, the result is a range of products that are not just effective, but deeply indulgent to use.

Start your leg makeover with the Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts (£42 for 5 x 50ml). This high-performance exfoliator can be used on wet or dry skin, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, delivering skin-smoothing and body-contouring benefits and helping to energise the legs. A mix of sea salt and diuretic pink Himalayan salt crystals, with a shake of Amalfi lemon peel to lightly scent the skin, it will leave them glowing.

Follow up your scrub with the Air Lite Daily Lift for Legs (62, 175ml), a contouring and lightening cream that delivers deep drainage benefits to reduce the tightness and puffiness caused by fluid retention, discourage cellulite, dissolve aches, pains and fatigue, rejuvenate and energise from the toes. The Cellu-Lite (£62.50, 100ml) is a golden oil packed with the deep-acting detoxifying and stimulating oils used by massage therapists during cellulite massage, cupping, and leg-lightening inch-loss treatments. This cellulite treatment for legs, thighs and buttocks uses plant based extracts to promote smoothness of the skin and lighten heavy feeling legs and is a delicious detox aromatherapy blend. Use it in collaboration with the Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy for Legs (£12), a cellulite suction massage cup that promotes deep drainage, circulation and skin firmness for at at-home leg-contouring massage like no other. The rolling suction massages cup technique (find a how-to video on the Legology website) helps to reduce water retention, stimulate local metabolism and smooth uneven, congested areas.

We’ve made a start on our summer leg regime - dedicate a little time each day and you’ll soon start seeing the difference on your pins.

Posted Date
Jun 7, 2021 in Luscious London by Laurel
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