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It's about that time of the year that our resolutions to cook more and eat better start dropping off the radar. If you're stuck in something of a food rut and need a bit of inspiration to get back on track, try the brilliant plant-based meal kits from Grubby.

Vegan food can often get a bad rap, but this brand champions British produce and unique, interesting receipes to create delicious recipe boxes you'll want to make again and again. They've just launched in Tesco as an alternative to ready meals for people looking for a fresh healthy and convenient dinner after a busy day, as well as being avaialable to oder online for London delivery.

The range has a growing foodie following, recently partnering with Sunday Times Best-Selling vegan authors and influencers BOSH! with their online recipes. The Grubby team has created over 200 delicious and varied recipes, inspired by cuisines around the world, packed with flavour, tips and tricks, and take around 30 mins to cook. Each comes with a step by step recipe card with an expertly curated accompanying playlist to help with the process. All you need to add are a few store cupboard bits and bobs, like oil and salt, but all the core ingredients - fresh and ambient - are included. They support and partner with family-run farms to bring you the best seasonal produce on offer, most of which is grown on organic British soil, and on average each recipe contains at least six varieties of fresh veg. 

We recently tried a box with three recipes we've totally fallen for. The Mushroom Quesadillas, filled with mushrooms, peppers and onion cooked in a delicious barbecue spice blend makes a great lunch (granted though, the vegan cheese was the only thing that we still can't embrace...). An aubergine and butternut curry, despite allegedly being for two, made a HUGE batch; delicously creamy thanks to the tin of coconut milk, accompanied with fluffy basmati rice. Our favourite however was the creamy mushroom lasagne, with layers of spinach. Hearty, filling, and seriously delicious, it's a real gamechanger of a recipe. We've made them all since - multiple times; these are dinners you'll want to make again and again.

A bix if four recipes to serve 2-3 people costs £34.50, that's around £3 per meal, and with everything perfectly portioned there's zero waste. There's also the option for a family size box which delivers 4-5 portions per meal; it's great value for money. What's more, for every Grubby box you buy, they will also donate a meal to a child living in poverty through; So far, they have delivered over 100,000 meals to children in Uganda. As a certified B-Corp, they are doing their bit for the world as well, making all London deliveries by bike, analysing the carbon rating of each recipes, offsetting food waste with two food waste partners, so no grub goes unused, and everything arrives in 100% recyclable, compostable and produced in the UK in over 95% of cases.

This is a brand worth buying into. Get yours ordered now at

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Feb 25, 2024 in Love London by Laurel