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An invitation to the opening night of a new West End show is always a thrill, but when it's to what has been hailed as the best new musical in years it's even more thrilling.

The multi award-winning Standing at the Sky's Edge was written as a love letter to Sheffield and tells the story of the Park Hill Estate, a landmark housing estate in the city and its evolution from its origins to the present day. After premiering at the Sheffield Crucible in 2019 before transferring to the National Theatre, it made its West End debut just a few weeks ago at the Gillian LynneT heatre on Drury Lane.

The musical features songs by the legendary Sheffield singer-songwriter, Richard Hawley, and eagle-eared fans will recognise some of his previous work in the score. His lyrics are beautiful and each song manages to tickel a different genre, flitting flawlessy between sultry, soulful numbers you could imagimne Amy Winehouse performing, to a powerful, haunting, One Day More-style number leading into the interval that left the entire audience stunned for words. It's  a searing, soaring love story about the city, following the hopes and dreams of three generations over six decades, with such cleverly interwoven stories between the characters you find yourself gunning for them all.

Through it all it conveys the innate sense of community that Park Hill was, and is, all about; through its flaws and faults, it's an icon of the city and one that is clearly held very dear. While it may not be your usual subject for a musical, the gritty realness leaves you wanting more. I would go back in a heartbeat.
Currently booking through to August at The Gillian Lynne Theatre

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Mar 10, 2024 in Love London by Laurel