The gift of a great night's sleep

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Posted by Laurel on Sunday 16th of December 2018

I once read an excellent quote that you should always spend money on a good bed and good shoes, because if you’re not in one you’re in the other. A great night’s sleep is such a precious commodity, gain some brownies points with your nearest and dearest this Christmas with gift that will help them catch some Zs.

A personalised pillow is no longer the preserve of five star hotels; Nanu allows you to create your own perfectly bespoke pillow tailored to your own needs by taking into account your height, weight, the position you sleep in and your preferred firmness. Order online for delivery within 48 hours and they even offer a 30 night free trial, so convinced they are you’ll love it; after just one night with mine I noticed the difference in my sleep. Allergen free, they are also filled with materials recycled from plastic bottles, with each pillow preventing 20 plastic bottle going to landfill, so you’re doing your bit for the environment too. £30 each or two for £50 from

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase may seem a tad Disney princess, but given it’s recommended by dermatologists to help with certain skin complaints it’s certainly not just for divas. Slip’s silk pillowcases (pictured in silver, £79 from are made from specially-specially-commissioned silk refined over ten years to provide age-defying, anti-sleep creasing, anti-bedhead benefits. As well as adding a bit of glamour to the bedroom of course.

Finding the perfect pyjamas is no mean feat; finding the right combination of fit, comfort, stretch, and fabric composition to prevent waking up in a tangle of bedclothes is something of a holy grail. Step forward [/b]Jockey[/b]. Their Supersoft Lounge Pants (£35) and Supersoft Longsleeve Shirt (£30, both are hands down the most comfortable PJs I’ve ever slept in. The combination of modal and elastane means they are indeed as super soft as the name suggests, while the ankle cuffs on the trousers prevent them riding up - a perpetual annoyance! Speaking of soft, Fur Feather & Fin’s alpaca socks are possibly the cosiest your’ll ever find; if you’re one to suffer from cold feet they are all you’ll ever need.

This Works are the winners when it comes to helping get a good night’s sleep and a gift set from their Deep Sleep range is undoubtedly one of the best things to find under your Christmas tree. The Big Sleep offers a complete 360 degree approach to sleeping more soundly. The deluxe box includes the best-selling Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Deep Sleep Night Oil, Deep Sleep Bath Soak, Sleep Balm and the new Deep Sleep Breathe In pulse point oil, along with a luxurious eye mask. With a blend of lavender, camomile and vetivert, proven to encourage a relaxed state of mind for a deeper sleep, it’s impossible for this dreamy combination to send you off into the land of nod. £70 from


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