Brixton Market

Electric Avenue, Pope Road, Atlantic Road, Brixton Station Road, SW9 8HE

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One of the capital's liveliest meat, fish and household markets, now has trendy restaurants too

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Address:Electric Avenue, Pope Road, Atlantic Road, Brixton Station Road, SW9 8HE
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Nearest Station:Brixton
About: “We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue” as Eddie Grant once put it… Brixton Market has a heaving, bustling atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else, where as many markets are nice to walk around and browse at oddities Brixton Market is a market of necessity, with hundreds upon hundreds of the day to day requirements of Brixton living. The stalls full to bursting with exotic fruits and vegetables as well as halal meats and fish. The Atlantic Road part of the market has more in the way of clothes, leather goods, towels, childrens’ toys and of course, the ubiquitous mobile phone covers.
Open: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm; Sat 8am-5.30pm

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A true London market, you’ll be just as likely to come away with a bag full of organic vegetables as an ugly old Tupperware set. Quality control doesn’t really come into it but if you’re unafraid of the mixture of stalls selling anything from fine quality dashikis to kitchen appliances then you’ll be happy. Community buzz and low prices make it a place that the locals love and a place the not so locals don’t mind travelling to.

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Brixton Market is the Larder of London. It's a great place to look for foodstuffs or other goods from around the world.

There's about 80 permanent street traders in Electric Avenue, Pope's Road, and Brixton Station Road. You can always find them in the same place, and most have been established for five years or more. Brixton Market is home to one of Europe's biggest collections of tropical foods and produce, serving up many varieties of specialties such as mango, yam, breadfruit, green coconut, plantain, avocado, callaloo, even flying fish and fresh meats of every sort. It's great for a wide range of goods, particularly tropical fruit and vegetables, that are difficult to obtain elsewhere. There are also the usual stalls you would expect to find in any London market selling clothing, music, make up, flowers and the like.

Then there's the extensive arcades, the covered markets, great for when it rains or gets too hot! They house hundreds more retail outlets, with loads of places to buy African fabrics, and lots of small specialist eateries. The surrounding streets have even more eateries and coffee bars -- and many get going in the evening -- and pubs, nail-bars, hairdressers, shoeshops, mini markets, a second hand bookshop, and shops selling all types of music.

Brixton Market has everything from a Rastafarian cafe, Portuguese and Afghanistan butchers, traditional fishmongers and Columbian restaurants all within a compact area along with facilities like the Ritzy cinema, Lambeth Town Hall, high street stores like M&S, Boots and Superdrug, and a major recreation centre for swimming and sports. With its great choice of produce at modest prices, and with a minimun of packaging, Brixton Market a great alternative to the monoculture supermarkets!

Just catch the Tube or Bus to Brixton (or there's a carpark in Canterbury Crescent with access via Wiltshire Road or Gresham Road) and it's all within easy walking distance.

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