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The world’s only remaining Benjamin Franklin home is located in the heart of London, just steps from Trafalgar Square. Dr Benjamin Franklin become known as many things: scientist, diplomat, philosopher, inventor; and Founding Father of the United States. He lived In Craven Street between 1757 and 1775 and whilst there was mediating unrest between Britain and America. At that time he also wrote a lot of letters as well as articles, epitaphs, and the witty Craven Street Gazette, and enjoyed a hearty social life and close friendships with leading figures of the time.

The house, originally built around 1730, is now open to the public as a museum. Each Monday, there are tours which take you into the history of Benjamin Franklin House, explaining the Georgian features of the 1730s building as well as its rich history encompassing Franklin’s residencey there. Incredibly, the building was only saved from dereliction by a more recent, comprehensive conservation project.

In addition to the main rooms, there are two further, notable sections of Franklin House; one is the Student Science Centre that offers younger visitors a chance to explore the science behind Franklin's work (open to pre-booked groups only), the other one is the top floor Scholarship Centre where you can have a look at the more academic side of Franklin's life, including his letters and other papers.

Benjamin Franklin House Museum opened in January 2006, on the 300th anniversary of Franklin's birth.

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